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This form is for facilities at the Oak Ridge Branch Campus.

Please be sure to complete all parts of the form.

Requestor Name
Requester Telephone
Requester Email

Is this a Clinical Course, PE Course, or other course which will require a classroom only certain days during the semester?

Course & Section Number of Class
Class Name
Day(s) Class Meets
Class Beginning Time
Class Ending Time

Is this a Fast-Track Class?

Yes - If so, w

hich term?

Class CRN number

What room are you presently assigned to?

Reason for Room Change [at least one must be selected]

  Specific technical equipment needs to in the classroom for every class*,
and I have already discussed my equipment needs with a CTAT Technician.
Please indicate specifications of the equipment you require:

*If you need equipment for a specific class rather than every class, you may check it out from the Library, at extension 2004 or request a room as an Extra Activity/one-time or short-term classroom use.
Specific furniture needs to be in the classroom
   Chairs and conference tables
   Chair/wraparound desk arm unit
The number of student is beyond the capacity of the classroom.          
    Number of students
Event/Course Title
This is a One day event   
Multiple-day event
Semester-long event  
Date(s) of event
Time(s) of event
Will there be food involved?

If “yes”, you must first submit a bid to Anderson’s Grill at extension 2005 or 865/481-2005.

Estimated number of students/individuals
I am requesting a specific room (Optional)

I need a room with the following specifications

Computer Projector
Overhead Projector
Document Camera (ELMO)
Periodic Chart
Slide Projector
Conference Tables
Student Computers

I need a room with specific software installed on the student computers (Optional)
Please indicate software name, publisher, and version

*We have limited resources - indicating a preference WILL NOT GUARANTEE you receive that equipment or that room.  Please ONLY indicate specifications that you must have in order to adequately instruct your class.

Please note any additional information we may need to schedule your request.

This online form sends your information to several Oak Ridge staff members, making it available if the lead scheduling person is out of the office.  You will receive an email when your request has been processed.  Please be patient – your request will be handled after the requests preceding it in the queue have been fulfilled.  If you do not fill the online form out completely, it may delay your request significantly.  

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