Teaching Styles Assessment

This assessment is designed to help you become more aware of your preferred teaching style(s). You may want to notice if your teaching style matches your preferred learning style. If you don’t know your learning style, you can take the learning styles assessment at www.roanestate.edu/sails.

Let's Begin!

If more than one answer per question describes your teaching habits, choose the one that describes your most frequent tendencies. There are no right or wrong answers, so go with your first response.

1. When teaching a class, I most often

Rely on my own lecture notes
Rely on visual aids
Rely on hands-on activities
Rely on the assigned reading for content

2. To ensure the comprehension of course content, I most often

Present my perspective first
Explore multi-media tools to capture student attention
Encourage students to work together in groups on discussion questions
Require written responses from students

3. When setting goals for my students’ learning, I tend to

Talk myself through my plans or engage in discussion with colleagues
Envision what we will accomplish during the semester
Plan hands-on activities for the class
Draft course outcomes for my syllabi

4. If I lecture, I

Do so because I learn best myself by listening
Incorporate some visual aids into the lecture
Alternate lecture with student interaction
Make sure that I refer to the assigned reading during my talk

5. If I described my teaching style, I would

Categorize myself primarily as one who explains concepts
Categorize myself as one who illustrates concepts
Categorize myself as a facilitator or coach guiding students toward an understanding of concepts
Categorize myself as one who emphasizes writing about concepts

6. I am most comfortable in my classroom when

I lead a discussion
I can draw a diagram or chart to demonstrate a concept
Students take the lead in exploring concepts
I can draw students into a close reading of a text

7.  When teaching, I tend to

Talk most of the time
Write frequently on the board or use other visual media
Walk about the classroom
Refer to passages in the text for information and examples

8. When my students work in groups, I

Listen to their conversation and offer input when necessary
Enjoy observing their interactions
Join in their activities
Require a written record of their conclusions

9. When I give a reading assignment, I

Encourage my students to ask questions and talk about the material
Emphasize illustrations and organization of the text
Encourage my students to imagine real life applications of concepts
Encourage my students to summarize the material in their own words

10. When I give a writing assignment, I

Expect to “listen” for the student’s authentic voice as a key to his or her understanding
Expect to “see” either the student’s perspective or the process being described
Expect to “feel” as though I am sharing the student’s experience
Expect to read a grammatically correct paper that makes a point and supports it adequately


Dear faculty member, thank you for completing the assessment. The results of this survey have been saved; you do not need to submit it to anyone. Thanks again.
Here are the results of your responses. Keep in mind that most people have multiple teaching styles.
(placeholder)of your responses indicate preference of an auditory teaching style.
(placeholder)of your responses indicate preference of a visual teaching style. 
(placeholder)of your responses indicate preference of a kinesthetic (hands-on, active) teaching style.
(placeholder)of your responses indicate preference of a reading/writing (textual) teaching style.