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SAILS - Students Achieving Improved Learning Strategies

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SAILS Information

The SAILS Project

How to use the SAILS learning strategies
- generating questions
- graphic representations (concept cards)
- two-column note-taking

Learning Styles Assessment

Do you know your learning style? Here's your chance to find out.

Here is an opportunity for you!

Invest in one course that can help you succeed in all of your other classes!

This course will also help you learn life skills, as well.

What is this course?

COLS 1010: Study – Organize – Succeed

Study Tips at Your Fingertips

Quick Study Help 4U - Do you struggle with test anxiety, time management, staying motivated, and other common stumbling blocks to success? Quick Study Help for You is the place to go!

Selected Tips - These sites offer interactive study aids for a wide variety of applications

View the full list of resources - Lots of good stuff here to help you succeed!