PSCI 1010 R50 Class Dates & Times

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1/16/2018 to 4/27/2018 - WEB

Course Description

TN eCampus course: Designed for the non-science major to partially fulfill general education requirements in the physical sciences. Several TBR schools use the course to fulfill general education requirements in the laboratory based physical sciences. This course includes a study of three fundamental components of the physical sciences, Newtonian mechanics; linear motion, momentum, energy, gravity, and satellite motion; fluid mechanics; thermodynamics including thermal energy and heat transfer; electricity, magnetism; waves, sound and light waves, the properties of light; and atomic structure to establish a base in which the non-science student can view nature more perceptively. It is designed to correct a missing essential in the sciences, the practice of conceptualizing before calculating.

Effective 2018 Summer Semester, PSCI 1010 will be inactivated.


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