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For students who have placed into Reading Learning Support (RLS). READ 0562 is designed to develop college-level reading competence through instruction in comprehension skills, vocabulary development, reading study strategies, and the application of skills in the context of reading tasks associated with the required co-requisite course, HUM 262—Introduction to Humanities: Great Works or PSYC 1030: Introduction to Psychology. Discussion of reading passages in targeted small-group settings is a focus of the class, as is writing about reading. Higher-order critical and creative thinking—the ability to interpret, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate—is consistently emphasized. Computerized instruction allows students to strengthen discrete reading skills. Students who successfully complete the READ 0562 course—or successfully complete the co-requisite course (HUM 262 or PSYC 1030)—earn a passing grade and also complete RLS requirements, making them eligible to register for other college-level classes with reading prerequisites. READ 0562 does not satisfy graduation requirements. (Co-requisite: HUM 262 or PSYC 1030) F, Sp, SU
Not part of a TN Transfer Pathway.


Bookstores are located on the Roane County and Oak Ridge campuses.

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