Clerical and Support Staff Maintenance Fee Payment Program.






This programs general goal is to encourage staff members to develop their skills and knowledge through participation in educational programs. The fee payment program is designed to provide maintenance fee payment for an employee who takes credit courses in a degree program and who takes the courses at any Tennessee public institution while continuing work responsibilities at the home institution/school.


A.  Eligibility


I.  This program is available to all regular part—time and full time clerical and supporting staff members who have been employed by an institution, school, or the board office for at least six months. Staff members shall be defined as not including faculty, administrators/professional staff, graduate assistants, post-doctoral felIows or personnel holding faculty rank or status. Regular part-time employees may receive a pro-rata portion of assistance based in percentage of contract for employment.


2.  In addition, employees who retire at a minimum age of 60 with at least 10 years of service or with 30 years of service, regardless of age, maintain eligibility under this program.


B.  Fees Paid/Type Course Paid/Number of Hours


1.  Payment by the institution/school will be restricted to an amount no greater than the established resident maintenance fee for six credit hours per term. The employees will be responsible for application fee and required deposits, laboratory fees, etc.


2.  Employees must meet the requirements for admission and are subject to institutional regulations and academic procedures.


C.  Payback Provision


1.  Participants must complete with passing grades all courses in which they enroll under this program in order to take subsequent courses in this program. Exceptions will he made only in cases where a course is failed for health reasons and are certified by a physician, or when the employee has paid for and completed at least two courses since having failed to successfully complete a course by obtaining passing grades at institutional expense.


2.  Comlete materials supporting individuals’ requests shall be maintained.  Each recipient shall be required to provide the Human Resources Director with affirmed grade reports for the course(s) taken.


D.  When the Participants May Attend


I.  After the employee has made application and received final acceptance, the employee must submit the request to his or her supervisor two weeks prior to registration. Employees, in counsel with their supervisors, must limit the number of credit hours in which they enroll so as to maintain an optimum level of job performance.


2.  Except for retirees, courses should be scheduled at times other than regularly scheduled work hours (keep in mind that RSCC has a flextime program).


E.  Accounting/Budgeting Provisions


Request for approval to participate in the clerical support staff maintenance fee payment program shall he submitted on a Clerical and Support Staff Maintenance Fee Payment Program form, which is available in the Human Resources Office.


F.  Where the Participant May Attend


Employees may enroll in courses at any Tennessee public institution.