Employee Audit/Non-Credit Program





This program is designed to provide course or maintenance fees only for an employee who takes courses on an audit or ob-related non-credit basis at the home Institution School or another Tennessee public institution while continuing work responsibilities at the home Institution/School.


A.  Eligibility


1.  Any regular full-time or part-time employee, including faculty, at a TBR Institution who has been employed by the Institution for at least six months is eligible to participate with the approval of the Dean of Human Resources. Requests to participate in the employee audit/non-credit program shall be submitted on an Employee Audit/Non-Credit Program form. Regular part-time employees may receive a prorated portion of assistance based on percentage of contract for employment.


2.  Employees who retire at a minimum age of 60 with at least 10 years of service, or with 30 years of service regardless of age, maintain eligibility under this program.


B.  Fees Paid/Type Course Paid/Number of Hours


1.  The Program is designed to pay tuition/maintenance fees for credit or job-related non-credit courses to a maximum of six credit hours or two non-credit courses per semester.


C.  Payback Provisions


1.  Payback provisions do not exist.


D.  When the Participant may Attend


1.  Emp1oyees, in counsel with their immediate supervisors, should limit the number of courses audited to maintain an optimum level of job performance.


2.  Except for retirees, courses should be scheduled at times other than during regularly scheduled work hours unless make-up time is scheduled. (Keep in mind that RSCC has a Flextime Program). Lunch time hours is between 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


3.  Course enrollment will be permitted on a “space available basis.


E.  Accounting/Budgeting


I.  Requests shall be submitted on an Employee Audit-Non-Credit Program Form at least two weeks prior to enrollment in the course or courses.


2.  The employee may request sponsorship from his or her department or administrative unit for support not to exceed the course or maintenance fees for courses taken.


F.  Where the Participant may Attend


All such audits must be accomplished at the Institution where the person is/was employed or another Tennessee public Institution. Employees requesting support must meet the requirements for admission and are subject to institutional regulations and academic procedures.