The Death of Freedom


Hannah Tyring


The First Amendment, is it fiction or fact?

For me, I believe our nation is under attack.

It is not from the outside, it is coming from within,

We simply disagree so we turn on our kin.

When the founding fathers wrote it a long time ago,

They intended it to make our nation grow.

But instead we get upset if people donít agree,

It is time we take off the blinders and actually try to see.

We need to try to understand and accept other views,

Instead of believing everything we see on social media and the news.

What was intended to be ĎOne Nation under God,í

Has taken a turn and now is flawed.

We have taken his name out of everything we do,

Yet weíre supposed to have freedom of speech, but do you?

Lives have been lost for our freedom every single day,

So why are we sitting back and letting it be taken away?

Plain and simple we cannot say what is on our mind,

The way things are going, one day we could even be fined.

As far as my experience in college, a place thatís supposed to be free,

I donít feel like I can express my opinion without some type of penalty.

In fear of hurting someoneís feelings or receiving a bad grade,

I usually stay quiet because I am always afraid.

We need to educate ourselves, and be aware of our right,

And in order to keep them we will have to put up a fight.

But these rights have been paid for they are ours to keep,

We already paid the price, and it wasnít cheap.

The United States needs to take a stand,†

We The People should take back freedom in our own land.