General Information

In response to the 2004 Human Resource Standards of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), the majority of the major healthcare facilities and agencies that serve as clinical affiliates for RSCC Allied Health Sciences programs will require that all students undergo a background check prior to participating in clinical rotations at their facilities.  The background check shall include the following:


i)                    Name and Social Security number verification;

ii)                   Seven-year multi-county felony and related misdemeanor criminal record

iii)                 Violent Sexual Offender and Predator Registry Search

iv)                 Tennessee Abuse Registry

v)                  Employment verification (previous 2), if applicable;

vi)                 FACIS Level 3 includes the following:

        • HHS/OIG list of excluded individuals/entities
        • GSA list of parties excluded from federal programs
        • US Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
        • List of Specially Designated Nationals (SDN)

Program Information

Where applicable, the requirement for student background checks will be in effect beginning July 1, 2007.  No student will be permitted to participate in a clinical rotation at a clinical facility that requires a background check until the College has received a satisfactory search result.  Failure to submit the required background check report by the due date established by the Program Director will result in the student not being assigned to a clinical rotation and dismissal from the program.

Arranging for Your Background Check Report

Each student, at his/her expense, will be responsible for acquiring the background check report and authorizing the submission of the results to the College.  Estimated cost for the background check is $65.00 and may be made by check, credit card or money order on the website.  Students continuously enrolled in the Health Information Technology program will only be required to have one background check.  Students who have a gap in enrollment in the Health Information Technology program will be required to have an abbreviated background check at his/her expense when re-enrollment occurs.





Steps to arrange background check


1.         Go to the THA website,

2.         On the homepage click on the link titled Student Background Checks.

3.         This should direct you to Verified Credentials, Inc., the preferred service provider

             for THA.

4.         Choose your school from the list of available schools.  You should choose

            Roane State Community College- (NAME OF PROGRAM).  The level of       background

            check and associated costs will be displayed.

5.         Continue to provide requested information and have a copy of the report sent to you.

6.         After you have completed all required information and paid for your background check,

            the background check will be completed.  A detailed report will be sent to you.

7.         A summary, color coded report based on the background check results will be sent to the

            Health Information Technology Program Director or Clinical Coordinator.

8.         A satisfactory (Green-coded report) from Verified Credentials, Inc and having fulfilled

            all other program requirements will allow you to participate in clinical requirements.


What if my background check results are color coded Yellow?


1.         A Yellow-coded report indicates additional information is required. 

2.         Contact Verified Credentials, Inc. (See contact information in your email or on their


3.         Provided requested information. Failure to provide requested information may result

            in the student being unable to complete their clinical obligations.


What if my background check results are color coded Red?


1.         A Red-coded report indicates the results are not satisfactory and may mean you are

            not eligible for clinical participation.

2.         You should forward the email containing the detailed results from Verified Credentials

to the Program Director or Clinical Coordinator at AND to the Dean of the Allied Health Sciences Division at

3.         After your student identification information has been removed from the detailed report,   

it will be forwarded to your prospective clinical site(s) by the Dean of Allied Health Sciences. The clinical site will evaluate the report. If the clinical site rules favorably you will be             permitted to attend your assigned clinical practice.

4.         All documentation will be included in your file for future reference.

5.         If the clinical site rules unfavorably, you will not be able to participate in clinical

rotations.  As clinical practice is necessary to successfully complete the Health Information Technology program requirements, you will be advised to withdraw from the Health Information Technology.



May 2007