Physics at RSCC

Are you the type of person who wants to be able to understand everything around
you?  Do you wonder what things are and how they affect and are affected by
other things around them?  Do you find yourself wanting or needing to be able to
describe and explain how and why something did or did not happen?  Small
children are always asking "simple" questions for which the answers are not so
simple.  They will continue to ask such fundamental questions as who, what,
where, when, how, how much, and WHY over and over again until they are satisfied
that they understand the answers they receive.  Because small children do this,
they learn very quickly and we are amazed that they seem to take great delight
in both what they are learning and the questioning process they are using.
Would you like to enhance or recapture your own ability to once again learn by
asking "millions and millions" of questions of anyone and everyone willing to
listen.  If you answered yes to most of these questions you should be  studying
Physics because Physics is the science with the specific purpose of asking and
answering all the questions necessary to qualitatively and quantitatively
describe and explain everything that is and everything that happens in the
observable universe.  All other sciences are branches of Physics that
concentrate on specific areas within this knowledge.

In many countries around the world Physics is required starting in the
elementary schools and continued throughout the educational program.
Unfortunately, many in the United States have lost the wonder of wanting to
learn about everything about them. Instead they have decided that others around
them might embarrass them or make them feel inferior by making jokes about their
questions or continuous questioning.  This fear of not understanding things which
we have not yet learned only harms us and causes us to believe that we can not
do something that we in fact are completely capable of doing if we will just ask
for help.

Roane State provides introductory college Physics courses which cover the
fundamental definitions and relationships among matter, space, time and energy
and uses them to describe and explain such naturally important things as the
motion of matter and energy, force and torque, electricity and magnetism, sound,
light, temperature and heat, and the relationship of space and time and of
matter and energy.  The first year Physics courses cover the concepts of Physics
qualitatively using words and pictures.  Some  elementary algebra is taught and
used to quantitatively illustrate special cases and help you to understand the
concepts. The General Physics courses cover the concepts of Physics both
qualitatively and quantitatively by using words, pictures, and higher levels of
algebra, geometry and trigonometry for better quantitative descriptions and
explanations of the concepts. The Physics for scientists and engineers course
covers the concepts of Physics using words, pictures, algebra, geometry,
trigonometry, and calculus to make possible complete qualitative and
quantitative descriptions and explanations of the concepts.

The Physics courses at Roane State have been taught since Roane State was
created in 1971.  Hundreds of former Roane State students now work as Doctors,
Pharmacists, Technicians, Engineers, etcetera helping to meet society's needs
using the knowledge and skills they first learned in Physics. They tell us that
they were very well prepared to go to work or transfer to other Colleges and
Universities where they added the specialty courses of their own personal areas
of interest and received Bachelors Degrees in their chosen area.  Many have also
gone to graduate schools and completed Masters and Doctorates.

The college preparatory courses in high school are considered to be the best
preparation for going to college because they allow the student who takes them
to choose any area of college study without having to spend extra time learning
the basic communication, mathematics, and science needed before doing the
college level work in the area they choose. College level courses in Physics
prepare people for many more possible opportunities for employment which they
would not be qualified for without having learned Physics.  Business, industry,
and government organizations recruit people that have completed college Physics
courses to work as technical managers, training planners and coordinators,
researchers, product developers and designers, engineering aides and
technicians, etcetera.  Physics courses are recognized as excellent preparation
for additional science based education.  Employers recognize that people who
have taken  Physics courses can more quickly learn whatever they need to know to
help the organization solve problems.  Since the ability to create teams of
problem solvers is critical to any employer's success they recognize the need to
hire people who have taken Physics courses even if their business does not
specifically require Physics.  In this information age of world wide web
computer based businesses and organizations, the need for people with Physics in
their science background is increasing almost as rapidly as the use of the

Any student regardless of their previous preparation can successfully complete
Physics courses.  You need to be willing to do the study and homework required
and to continuously ask for the help you need to learn the needed communication,
teamwork, and problem solving skills which will make you able to use Physics to
help meet the needs of society.  Physics students typically range from people
that need to learn or remember some of the basic communication, math, and
science that is contained in high school courses to those that have advanced
placement college credit for work done while in high school.  They get to know
each other and work together to learn Physics.

Physics courses help you to recapture the wonder and excitement of learning
about  everything around you by the process of asking and answering qualitative
and quantitative questions.  Physics is fun and extremely helpful to your
ability to ask and answer all the questions necessary to describe and explain
anything you need to describe or explain. Physics can be the means by which you
become able to achieve the future you want for yourself and family.  Why not
begin today?