Roane State Community College
Pharmacy Technician Graduate Employment Survey



Please respond to the following questions as they relate to your education experiences while in the Pharmacy Technician program at Roane State Community College.

Please note that responses are confidential and for purpose of program evaluation & college placement report. Thank you for your time and prompt response.

1.  Please select the category that best describes your status after graduation:

Enrolled in a college or university
Employed full-time
In Pharmacy Technician field
Outside Pharmacy Technician field
Employed part-time
Unemployed and not seeking employment by choice (due to family or medical preventing me to work)
Unemployed but actively seeking employment  (contact the Placement Office or email for job search assistance

2.  Type of work in which you are currently employed:

Retail (chain)
Retail (independent pharmacy)
Home Infusion
Long term care

3. Name, address, phone number of current employer

Name of supervisor

4. Did you pass the PTCB national and exam and achieve certification?

Didn’t take exam
Results Pending      Comment

5.  List any suggestions for improvement in the Pharmacy Tech Program at Roane State Community College:

6.  List the strong points of the Pharmacy Tech Program:

If you have any other comments about your experience at RSCC, please comment below.

Thank you for completing this survey.