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Nursing Graduate Survey

Nursing Graduate Survey

Roane State Community College
Nursing Division Alumni Survey



This survey is to be completed 6-12 months after graduation. Please respond to the following questions as they relate to your education experiences while in the nursing program at Roane State Community College.

Responses are confidential and for purpose of program evaluation & college placement report. Thank you for your time and prompt response.

1. Please select the category that best describes your status after graduation:

Working full time in nursing field
Working part-time in the nursing field
Working in field other than nursing
Employed in military service on a full-time basis

2. If not employed as a registered nurse, please choose the best response:

I am unable to find employment as a nurse
I developed new career interests since graduation
I am attending school to further my education in nursing
I am attending school to pursue another career
I am not presently employed due to family responsibilities
A medical condition prevents me from working
I have not taken the NCLEX-RN

If you are currently employed in nursing, please answer questions 3 – 5; If not, please skip to question 6.

3. What is the title of your current position?

4. What is your area of employment?

Medical Unit
Surgery or Surgical Unit
Critical Care
Psychiatric/Mental Health
Home Health Care

5. In what type of facility are you currently working?

Home Health Care Agency
Community/Public Health Agency
Outpatient Setting
Physician's Office
Long-term Care/Nursing Home

6. What types of education have you pursued since graduation? (Select all that apply)

Continuing education offered by employer
Continuing education offered in the community
Attending school, part-time
Attending school, full-time


7. Name and address of company or firm (if self-employed, please write SELF):

Job Title

Name of Supervisor

While attending the Roane State nursing, please indicate your satisfaction with following:

Satisfied Dissatisfied Very
8. Availability of your advisor
9. Willingness of your advisor to help
10. Clarity of degree requirements
11. Clarity of course objectives
12. Availability of faculty to help students outside of class.
13. Overall quality of instruction in the program
14. Quality and value of clinical rotations:        
  a. Medical-Surgical
  b. Home Health
  c. Pediatrics
  d. Maternity
  e. Management/Transitions
  f. Psychiatric
15. Opportunities to develop clinical decision making skills
16. Opportunities to develop clinical skills
17. Indicate your overall satisfaction with the nursing program.


If you have been or are currently employed as a registered nurse since graduation, please indicate your degree of satisfaction with the preparation you received to perform the following:

Satisfied Dissatisfied Very
18. Apply legal & ethical principles in providing nursing care.
19. Assume responsibility for continued personal & professional growth & accountability for outcomes of own nursing actions.
20. Communicate effectively verbally, non-verbally, in writing or through information technology.
21. Collect information to provide holistic view of the patient to include dimensions of physical, developmental, emotional, psychosocial, cultural, & spiritual status to determine patient needs.
22. Plan, implement & evaluate outcomes to provide safe & effective nursing care, which incorporates evidenced based practice, to individuals & their families.
23. Practice within parameters of individual knowledge & experience.
24. Provide individualized, safe, compassionate, competent care to patients & their families to optimize their level of function & wellness.
25. Instruct patients & families in aspects of care necessary for promotion &/or maintenance of health or an optimal state of wellness.
26. Collaborate with health team members regarding patient needs & outcomes.
27. Demonstrate competent clinical decision making when managing patient care.
28. Manage time & resources efficiently & effectively while integrating quality improvement processes.

If you have any other comments about your experience at RSCC, give those below.

Thank you for completing this survey.


Kim B. Harris • 882-4695 • Click name for email address

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