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Massage Therapy Graduate Survey

Massage Therapy Graduate Survey


Section 1 - General Information
Grad Date Month Year


Section 2 - Graduate Status
Please select the category that best describes your status after graduation:
Continuing education. Please indicate name of college
At one or more Somatic Therapy related professional development seminars? Yes No
If so, did you have the prerequisite knowledge and skills to benefit from it? Yes No
Employed, full-time (proceed to Section 3)
Employed, part-time (proceed to Section 3)
Employed but seeking a job change (proceed to Section 3 then contact the Placement Office for assistance)
Unemployed due to medical condition that prevents me from working. Please explain:
Unemployed due to family/home responsibilities. Please explain:
Unemployed due to volunteer/religious service. Please explain:
Unemployed and not seeking employment by choice (illness, retirement, pregnancy, or other personal reason): Please explain:
Employed, in military service on a full-time basis
Unemployed but actively seeking employment; contact the Placement Office or e-mail


Section 3 - Employment Information
Employer Name (if self-employed, please write SELF)

Work Address

Job Title
Name of Supervisor
Please check the appropriate salary range based upon your company's payroll schedule (before deductions, exclude overtime):
Note: salary information is held strictly confidential. It is used to compile average salary statistics for graduates in specific fields and to determine salary trends for our graduates. We appreciate your assistance.
Hourly: per hour@ hrs/wk. Weekly: per week
Monthly: per month Annually: year


Section 4 - Program Information
Do you hold a temporary or permanent license as a Massage Therapist?
In Tennessee Yes No Other State Yes, which state? No

How well did Roane State Community College Somatic Therapy Program prepare you:
1=not at all; 2=inadequately, 3=moderately well; 4=very well; 5=extraordinarily well

A. To effectively perform manual massage skills? 1 2 3 4 5
B. To understand ethical issues and make ethical decisions? 1 2 3 4 5
C. To network and promote your somatic therapy practice? 1 2 3 4 5
D. To keep professional records and document your effectiveness? 1 2 3 4 5
E. To organize and maintain your business as a somatic therapist? 1 2 3 4 5
F. To deal with obstacles, self-doubts, and/or deficiencies that affect your somatic therapy practice? 1 2 3 4 5
Did you find the educational experience in the Somatic Therapy Program encouraged you in the areas of self-exploration, cooperation, and appreciation of diversity? Yes No

Did it help you find a unique and fulfilling path for yourself within the somatic therapies?

Yes No
Are there comments you would like to share to help improve the program for future classes or improve services provided to graduates?

Thank you for participating in our annual survey for accreditation and performance funding.


Kim B. Harris • 882-4695 • Click name for email address

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