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Sarah Ellen Benroth Award for Outstanding Teaching

Sarah Ellen Benroth Award for Outstanding Teaching

Policies and procedures for determining the Sarah Ellen Benroth Award Recipient for Outstanding Teaching

The Faculty Senate President will be responsible for properly implementing the following policies and procedures:

  1. The award is open to all full-time faculty meeting the following criteria: The nominee must hold faculty rank and teach an average minimum of 9 hours per term based upon the previous spring and fall terms or hold faculty rank and be involved with the Writing Center. The nominee must be an employee of Roane State Community College for at least two years (must be completing his/her second full academic year at the time of nomination).
  2. Nominees for the award are determined by secret ballot from all full-time divisional faculty teaching an average minimum of 9 hours per term based upon the previous spring and fall terms. Each division is allowed one nominee per every ten full-time faculty members (or major fraction thereof). If ties occur at the division level, a second vote with a ballot reflecting those individuals involved in the tie will be completed. The Faculty Senate President, or his/her designee, will provide the ballot to those faculty eligible to vote. A faculty member may nominate only his/her divisional colleagues and may nominate himself/herself.
  3. Final screening of nominees and selection of a recipient is done by a committee, hereafter referred to as “The Selection Committee,” consisting of Faculty Senate representatives.
  4. If requested by the selection committee, the Division Chair will provide other supporting evidence for their division’s nominee(s). This supporting evidence may include copies of the faculty evaluation forms completed by the Division Chair from the previous spring and fall terms.
  5. The selection committee will use established, specific criteria in the selection of finalists and the recipient of the award.
  6. The sole purpose of the Selection Committee is to determine the finalists and the recipient of the Sarah Ellen Benroth Award for Outstanding Teaching.
  7. The Selection Committee will be structured as follows:
    1. The Vice President of the Faculty Senate will act as chairperson and will coordinate the activities of the Selection Committee. If this officer is a nominee for the award, other officers in order of succession will substitute. If all Faculty Senate officers are nominees, then Faculty Senators will be assigned to the Selection Committee by the Faculty Senate President.
    2. Additional Faculty Senators will be appointed to the Selection committee by the President of the Faculty Senate.
      In so far as possible, selection of these persons should serve to balance the Selection Committee so that all academic divisions are represented.
  8. Each nominee may submit, by March 18, 2020 a portfolio including:
    1. Faculty evaluation (may include MBOs, IEPDs, annual professional development goals) from the previous spring and fall terms
    2. Faculty evaluation summary sheet including student evaluation scores for the previous spring and fall terms.
    3. Two documents describing non-teaching activities. Choose only 2 of the following: institutional service, community service, or professional development and include supporting artifacts from the previous spring and fall terms only for the two areas chosen.
    4. A narrative describing his/her teaching activities with supporting artifacts for the previous spring and fall terms only.
    Instructions for organization of portfolio:
    • Each document for # 3 and 4 above should follow these guidelines: two-page narrative, double-spaced pages, one-inch margins on all sides, 10-12 point font size.
    • Nominees should place their materials in a portfolio and label the content areas as listed above.
    Late submissions will not be accepted nor will portfolios that do not adhere to the above instructions. Portfolios are due by 4:30 on March 18 to Susan Sain, FS Vice President, Oak Ridge campus.
  9. The Selection Committee will determine three finalists from the list of division nominees.
  10. From the three finalists, a recipient will be chosen for the Award. This recipient will receive an appropriate plaque and monetary gift. In the event that two, or all three of the finalists, should be of equal merit and The Selection Committee should be unable to agree upon a recipient for the Award, The Selection Committee will have the authority to employ a random selection process in order to determine the recipient.
  11. The two other finalists will be given “Excellence in Teaching” awards with their names and the year of recognition properly inscribed.
  12. “Certificates of Merit” suitable for framing will be awarded to the remaining nominees in recognition of their division nomination for the award.
  13. The Award recipient cannot be re-nominated the following year. After a one-year interval, a former Award winner is eligible again.
  14. All nominees will be recognized at Awards Day.
  15. The three finalists will be recognized at Graduation and will be presented with the appropriate awards.
  16. Receiving the Award will be noted as a significant achievement in the personnel file of the recipient

Updated Feb 27, 2020


Susan Sain • (865) 354-3000 ext. 2222 • Click name for email address

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