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PHYS2110 - Calculus Bsd Physics Lab - Raisanen
PHYS2110 - Calculus Bsd Physics Lab - Raisanen

COMPETENCIES: Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:
Demonstrate mastery of physical principles and project management by the ability to:

  1. Read and understand experimental problems as posed by the instructor.
  2. Analyze assigned problems to determine independent and dependent variables, applicable physical principles, range of variables, identity and value of applicable constants and relevant mathematical models.
  3. Research experimental issues using texts, Internet resources and local talent.
  4. Design experiments and locate necessary apparatus.
  5. Identify possible hazards and take appropriate precautions to safeguard both personnel and equipment.
  6. Predict experimental results.
  7. Perform experiments, record observations and compare them with predicted results.
  8. Write a report explaining what the problem was and how the experiment was conducted.
  9. Explain any difference between predicted and measured results.
  10. Organize and manage an effective project team.
  11. Safely and competently operate laboratory instruments and experimental apparatus.

TEXT: Physics, Seventh Edition, by Serway and Jewett.

GRADING: Final grade will be based on attendance, homework and project reports. There are no exams associated with this course.

The grading scale for this course is: 90-100=A, 80-89=B, 70-79=C, 60-69=D, 0-59=F.

A grade of F will be assigned to students who do not complete the course requirements.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance is very important. If you miss a class it is your responsibility to perform the experiment at another time (individual experiment) or to meet with your team to agree on how you will make up your portion of the team effort (team project).

Private lectures are not offered.

Note: Any student who has a disability and would like to request academic accommodations must register with either the Counseling Center or Disability Services and submit documentation supporting the disability. This registration and request for accommodations must be on file before any accommodations are considered. This is the student’s responsibility. Further details can be found in the RSCC catalog under the section for Student Services.

HOMEWORK: The nature of the class material is such that it is occasionally necessary to anticipate the material covered in the lecture section. Homework assignments are designed to obtain the required advance information. While homework is not to be turned in or graded, it is vital to the student’s success and should be diligently performed. Students must read the course material, do the homework assignments, and take notes in lecture to achieve success.

Cell Phones. Cell phones are to be turned off and stored in an inaccessible location while in the classroom.

If an emergency or other dire situation requires that the student be accessible by phone, use the vibrate ring option and take the call outside of the classroom.

Read the Student Manual for details on the school policy on cell phones and other potentially disruptive activities.

Note: We will use the SI system of units exclusively.
For a detailed explanation of the SI system (also known as MKS) see:

Reports (all formats) MUST use the following structure:

Title (10 points)

Authors (2 points)

Summary/Abstract (10 points)

Introduction/Problem Statement (10 points)

Experimental Methods and Identification of Variables (15 points)

Measurements and Data (15 points)

Analysis of Results (15 points)

Discussion/Conclusions (15 points)

Further Work (5 points)

Acknowledgements/References (3 points)

See the following for more information on how to write a report.

Text based reports may be submitted in hard copy or electronic form.
Acceptable formats are .doc, .docx. .xls and .xlsx only.
Video and/or PowerPoint based reports may omit hard copy format.
Electronic format can be emailed or on SD card or CD/DVD.
If you plan to be late you MUST obtain prior permission and a new due date from the instructor.
Reports submitted after start of class on the due date will receive no credit.

Last revised 3/22/2011



Physics Checklist

SI system of units to be used in Physics

How to write a scientific report/paper.

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