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Course Series: Composites Manufacturing
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Course Series: Composites Manufacturing

Course Series: Composites Manufacturing

Have you ever seen a car with a cool, custom-designed body?
How about a pontoon boat at the lake on a sunny afternoon?
Have you ever seen wind turbines on a high hill, their huge blades rotating to create power?

If you have, then you have seen composite materials.

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Manufacturers already use composite materials to make automotive body parts, pontoon boats, wind turbine blades, and much more. These companies need technicians educated in composites. Through Roane State’s composite materials (ACE) courses, students can get the education they need for these jobs.

Composites manufacturing is a high-tech and growing field. Research into the production of low-cost carbon fiber composite materials will become a revolution in composites manufacturing.

By taking Roane State's composites manufacturing classes, students can get a hands-on education that will prepare them for today’s composites manufacturing jobs and for ones on the horizon.

Already working with composites?

If you are an individual with a high level of experience in CCT-VIP and would like to prepare for the technician certification, we can help.

East Tennessee: A composites cluster

East Tennessee is nationally recognized as a leader in the composites manufacturing field.

Learn the skills

These specialized courses in composite materials focus on the skills that become the emphasis of an Associate of Applied Science degree or can often be taken as noncredit in some areas.

Classes are held at CFTF located in the Horizon Center Industrial Park in Oak Ridge.

CMAT 1010 - Introduction to Composite Materials

Students will learn applications that are suitable for the use of composite materials and study the polymer chemistry required for manufacturing composite material products. Students will also learn the future of composite materials applications and manufacturing methods.

CMAT 1020 - Introduction to Composite Manufacturing Methods

Students will study methods used in the manufacturing of composite materials and the role of automation in composite manufacturing.

CMAT 1030 - Applied Production Methodology

Students will experience hands-on application of composite materials manufacturing processes in a laboratory environment. Students will employ various manufacturing methods, learn how to safely handle hazardous materials and learn the appropriate storage handling methods for hazardous materials.

CMAT 1100 – Applications for Composite Materials

Students will cover the applications for composite materials across a wide range of industry groups and learn analysis and understanding of traditional and future market trends

CMAT 2100 – Introduction to Injection Molding

Students learn the fundamentals of the injection molding process and the types of polymers and composite materials used by today’s manufacturers. Areas covered include techniques and procedures in set-up, operation and processing of molded parts and injection molding machine operation.

CCT-VIP (Certified Composites Technician in Vacuum Infusion Processing)

Students learn an introduction to gel coat processes, technical aspects in gel coat application, vacuum infusion process theory and best practice rules in VIP quality control and troubleshooting. This class is offered as a non-credit option and will prepare the student to sit for the ACMA CCT-VIP certification test.

The above classes help prepare students to achieve Composites Technician certification through the American Composites Manufacturing Association (ACMA).

Possible jobs

Completing Roane State’s composite materials courses can lead to a variety of available jobs. Examples include:

With Roane State’s composite classes, you will be ready for more than a job. You will be ready for a career in cutting-edge technology.

Composites overview

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