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RSCC Policy PA-18-01; Hiring and Recruiting

Roane State Community College
Policy Number: PA-18-01
Subject: Hiring and Recruiting

It is the policy of Roane State Community College (RSCC) to recruit and hire qualified faculty and staff. The college will ensure that all hiring decisions are made in conjunction with the guidelines of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) and the college's Affirmative Action Plan. The following guidelines will be used for hiring purposes.

  1. The hiring supervisor must complete a Position Request Form and Appointment of Selection Committee Form (if required) and obtain the necessary approvals. All Position Request Packet forms are available on the Human Resourses forms webpage. The following steps outline the contents of the request and the forwarding procedures:
    1. Contents of Request Information
      1. Position description and qualifications
      2. Proposed advertisement and position announcement
      3. Qualification ratings
      4. Appointment of Selection Committee (if required)
    2. Forwarding Procedures
      1. Division Chair or director obtains appropriate executive officer approval
      2. Division Chair or director forwards to Director of Human Resources/Affirmative Action Officer
      3. Director of Human Resources forwards to the Vice President of Business and Finance
      4. Vice President of Business and Finance forwards to president
      5. President forwards to Human Resources office
      6. Human Resources office forwards signed/approved Position Request Form to requester
    3. Adjunct Faculty

      An adjunct (part-time) faculty applicant pool will be maintained in the Human Resources office. Qualified adjunct applicants files will be maintained for a minimum period of one (1) year from the date the file is completed. Solicited and unsolicited applications and resumes will be accepted year round for the adjunct applicant pool.

      Credentials for all faculty must be in accordance with the faculty credentials as outlined in RSCC Policy PA-27-01.
  2. The Human Resources office will establish an open pool of applicants for administrative, support staff, and faculty positions according to the necessary qualifications for a position. Human Resources will provide this open pool of applicants to respective divisions when openings occur. Human Resources will replenish the pool of applicants using the following sources:
    1. Recruitment Sources
      1. Affirmative Action Coordinator
      2. Professional organizations within the profession
      3. Known minority, female, Vietnam era veterans, and disabled persons within the discipline field
      4. Predominately black or female colleges/universities/schools
      5. Classified ads
      6. Knoxville Area Urban League
      7. Private and government-sponsored referral and placement agencies
      8. Major universities and colleges
    2. Other methods of establishing pool
      1. Telephone calls
      2. Personal contacts
      3. Letters, Advertisements
      4. Contacts at meetings of professional organizations
      5. Internet postings
    3. Human Resources will advertise all administrative and faculty positions for twenty (20) working days. All professional position postings are open until filled. The requesting supervisor will have the option of advertising administrative positions either internally or externally or both simultaneously. The advertising preference(s) should be indicated on the Position Request Form. Human Resources will advertise all support staff positions internally for five (5) working days. Temporary support staff employees can apply for internal positions if employed at the college for at least three (3) months. A supervisor, however, may request to advertise support staff positions both internally and externally simultaneously.
  3. A search committee must be appointed for faculty, administrative and professional positions. A search committee is not required for support staff positions. Each committee must consist of at least two of the following:
    1. Requesting supervisor and/or division head
    2. Human Resources officer
    3. Respective dean and/or executive officer of the requesting supervisor
    4. A faculty member from the respective divisions

      Each search committee must contain at least one female member, at least one male member, and at least one minority member.

      Human Resources will provide the appropriate hiring official with a Qualifications Checklist of applicants who apply for the position and a copy of all resumes/applications of applicants meeting the minimum qualifications.

      The search committee will screen all applications, conduct interviews and ascertain the qualified applicants for positions.
  4. No offers of employment shall be made until written approval has been obtained from the president. The search committee should use the following guidelines when ascertaining qualifications:
    1. Complete a Confidential Rating Form on each applicant interviewed.
    2. Conduct and complete a minimum of three telephone employment reference check sheets on the recommended applicant.
  5. For all faculty positions, the committee chair shall arrange for candidates to be interviewed by the committee to present a mini-teaching unit as part of the interview process. The committee chair shall complete a Certification/Faculty Form to document compliance with the mini-teaching unit and oral proficiency in the English language (TBR Policy on the recommended candidate.
  6. For all positions, the president may interview the candidate to be recommended by the committee, before the Employment Compliance Form and supporting documents are submitted to Human Resources.
  7. The department head/supervisor with the approval of the appropriate executive officer should (if person approved by the President):
    1. Complete the Employee Compliance Form
    2. Submit the Confidential Rating Form, the Telephone Reference Checks, and the Employment Compliance Form to the Human Resources office
    3. Submit the RSCC Certification/Faculty Form (Faculty Positions Only)

      The Director of Human Resources/Affirmative Action Officer will review the material to ensure that all affirmative action steps have been taken.
  8. Once the search materials are approved for Affirmative Action Compliance, the Director of Human Resources/Affirmative Action officer will review the recommended salary of the candidate with the Salary Equity Committee and make a salary recommendation to the President.
  9. Human Resources will forward the employment recommendation package to the president for approval.
  10. Upon approval of the president (and TBR, if appropriate), the Human Resources office will send a copy of the approved Employment Compliance form to the requester.
  11. The Human Resources office will make the official offer of employment, prepare an offer letter, prepare a contract, and schedule a benefit/orientation meeting with the successful candidate.

TBR Policy Reference:
Revision Date Effective: 12/13/1999
Revision Approval By: Sherry L. Hoppe, President
Original Date Effective: 02/20/1989
Original Approval By: Sherry L. Hoppe, President
Office Responsible: Vice President for Business & Finance
Reviewed: 07/25/2018

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