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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

This program offers the knowledge and ability to use modern analysis tools to display information relative to features on the ground, below ground or above ground. Small, economical computer systems now have the speed and software to empower a trained user to manage, present and analyze geographic information.

1st Fall   Hours Term TakenGrade
GIS 101 Introduction to GIS 4   
GIS 105 Computer Cartography 3   
GIS 210 GPS and Imagery 3   
    TERM TOTAL 10   
Action Items       
  Sept Complete Application for Graduation
Meet with Faculty Advisor to obtain and install ArcGIS software
Check out GPS unit (if needed)
  Nov Register for next term     
  Dec Return GPS unit (if needed)     
1st Spring   Hours   
GIS 110 GIS Database Technology 3   
GIS 220 GIS Demographics 3   
GIS 230 GIS Project Management 3   
    TERM TOTAL 9   
Action Items       
  Feb Meet with Faculty Advisor to begin job search     
  Mar Turn in Graduation Participation Form      
  April Begin job search using RaiderRecruit      
1st Summer   Hours   
GIS 290 GIS Directed Research 4   
    TERM TOTAL 4   
Action Items       
  Jul Contact Faculty Advisor regarding job search     

Students pursuing this option will be advised by the Social Science, Business & Education Division.