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Health Sciences (HEAS)

This is an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree program in Health Sciences. This degree will provide a pathway for the following students:

Allied Health Sciences discipline-specific core credits may be earned by:

In addition to the 15 credit hours of General Education courses currently required for an A.A.S. degree, students will complete the Health Science Core courses (ALHS 2311-Management and Leadership for Allied Health Supervisors, ALHS 2314-Medical Law and Ethics, ALHS 2312-Contemporary Issues in Healthcare) and one of the two options (Certificate or Experiential Learning Porfolio).  

Class Location: The ALHS classes are primarily online with an orientation session held the first week of classes each semester at the Oak Ridge campus.  Students may start the program Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters.

Program Application Deadline:  None. Selective admission is not applicable to this program.

General Education and Core Degree Requirements Hours Term TakenGrade
ENGL 1010 Composition I 3   
COLS 1010 Study, Organize, Succeed1 3   
    Natural Science/Math Elective6 3-4   
    Social Science Elective 3   
    Humanities Elective 3   
    General Education Elective2 3   
ALHS 2311 Management/Supervision for AHS Supervisors 3   
ALHS 2314 Medical Law and Ethics 3   
ALHS 2312 Contemporary Issues in Healthcare 3   
    ALHS Electives3 6   
    SUB-TOTAL 33-34   

Choose one of the following two options:

Option 1: Certificate4   
    Certificate credits-must complete certificate to be eligible for degree 16-30   
  General Electives (if needed) 0-14   


Option 2: Experiential Learning Portfolio   
ALHS 2315 Experiential Learning  3   
ALHS 2316 Experiential Learning Portfolio 3-27   
  General Electives (if needed) 0-21   

1 Students with demonstrated academic success in previous college-level courses may be eligible to receive proficiency credit for this course.  See the program director. 

2 General Education electives:  One additional course from Communication, Humanities/Fine Arts, Social Behavioral Sciences, or Natural Science/Mathematics. 

3 General Electives to be selected from:  any excess credits from an Allied Health Technical Certificate OR ALHS elective courses (ALHS 2313 and ALHS 2317) OR any other course credits not used elsewhere to fulfill degree requirements.  Electives should be selected in consultation with an academic advisor to ensure they are appropriate and add value to the intended career path.

4Completion of an allied health technical certificate is required for this option of the AAS degree program.

5Experiential portfolio assessment will be completed via ALHS 2315 (Experiential Portfolio) using the Council for the Assessment of Experiential Learning (CAEL) guidelines and assessment instruments.  The maximum number of college credits that will be awarded for experiential learning portfolio will be 27 credit hours.  All portfolio credits will reflect on the academic transcript under ALHS 2316.  

6Students must complete all Math Learning Support requirements (if applicable) before degree will be awarded.

Students pursuing this option will be advised by the Health Sciences Division.


Michael Laman
(865) 354-3000 ext. 4267