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Education: Early Childhood PreK-3/AST (UTPT UPK3)

Students who follow this academic plan will receive an Associate of Science in Teaching- Early Childhood Education.

The A.S.T. curriculum in Early Childhood Education is designed for students who wish to complete the first two years of a program toward teacher certification in PreK-3 and then transfer to a 4-year college/university for the completion of their Bachelor's degree. Due to varying requirements of four-year institutions, students are encouraged to select courses in consultation with an education advisor.

Additional Degree Requirements:

  1. Attainment of a 2.75 cumulative grade point average
  2. Successful completion of Praxis Core Test or ACT score of 21 or higher (See action items below)
  3. Satisfactory rating on an index of suitability (dispositions) for the teaching profession. (See note below)
1st Fall   Hours Term TakenGrade
COLS 1010 Study, Organize, Succeed 3   
ENGL 1010 Composition I 3   
ECED 1310 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3   
    Mathematics Elective 3   
BIOL 1110 General Biology I 4   
    TERM TOTAL 16   
Action Items       

Attend EDU Group Advising Session

  Oct Meet with Success Coach or Faculty Advisor 
Complete FAFSA for upcoming fall term 
  Nov Visit colleges and universities 
Register for next term 
1st Spring   Hours   
ENGL 1020 Composition II 3   
ECED 2320 Infant, Toddler, and Child Development 3   
    History Elective 3   
COMM 2025 Fundamentals of Communication 3   
MATH 1410 Number Concepts for Teachers 3   
EDU 101 Introduction to Teaching 3   
    TERM TOTAL 18   
Action Items       

Attend EDU Group Advising Session
Decide on Transfer Institution

  Mar Meet with Success Coach or Faculty Advisor     
  April Register for next term      
2nd Fall   Hours   
ECED 2340 Family Dynamics and Community Involvement 3   
MATH 1420 Geometry Concepts for Teachers 3   
GEOL 1040 Physical Geology (Recommended) or GEOL 1050 Historical Geology or
ASTR 1010 Solar System Astronomy
    Literature Elective 3   
    History Elective 3   
    TERM TOTAL 16   
Action Items       

Attend EDU Group Advising Session

Complete Application for Graduation
  Oct Meet with Faculty Advisor 
Complete FAFSA for upcoming fall term
  Nov Take Praxis Core (if needed)
Apply for admission to transfer institution 
Register for next term 
2nd Spring   Hours   
ECED 2360 Development of Exceptional Children (Recommended) OR
EDU 111 Introduction to Educating Exceptional Children
GEOG 2010 World Regional Geography 3   
MUS 1030 Introduction to Music (Recommended) OR
ART 1035  Introduction to Art
    Humanities Elective 3   
    Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3   
    TERM TOTAL 15   
Action Items       

Attend Education Group Advising Session
Praxis Core Workshop (if needed)
Re-take Praxis Core (if needed)

Take Exit Exam (ETS Proficiency Profile) 
  Mar Contact transfer institution about registration/financial aid 
Disposition Forms due
    TOTAL HOURS 65   

1 For transfer to APSU, ETSU, UM, UTC, and UTK, Math 1530 is required. At UTM, and TSU, MATH 1130: College Algebra is required.

2 Neither University of Memphis nor UT Knoxville has ECED 2360: Development of Exceptional Children in its PreK-3 Curriculum and students transferring to either University of Memphis or UT Knoxville will have to take one other course after transfer.

3 Students who plan to transfer to UT Knoxville should take 2000-level foreign language instead of MATH 1410; University of Memphis does not require completion of MATH 1410.

4 Students who plan to transfer to ETSU must take EDU 211 Educational Psychology course instead of MATH 1420

* History courses – students are advised to consult with his/her transfer institution to determine if a particular history course or sequence is required. 

Students transferring to a UT or TBR university may need to meet additional requirements to gain admittance to the university's early childhood program. Transferring students should check with the university for specific program requirements. All Elective courses should be carefully selected to meet requirements at transfer institution.

Dispositions:  One disposition must be completed by each of the following:

Visit this link to complete the disposition form:

This is a Tennessee Transfer Pathway:

For further information: Social Science, Business and Education Division, 865-354-3000, x4582