Dusk to Dawn "Security Lighting" for East Tennessee Homes

(Tamke-Allan Observatory promotes energy and light-saving fixtures)

Some of these data are from the International Dark Sky Association. This is an excellent organization and is strongly supported by Tamke-Allan Observatory at Roane State Community College.

The unshielded fixture shown at the left, especially with a Mercury Vapor Lamp should NEVER be used. It wastes light that should be kept on the ground. It causes glare that makes it more difficult to see nearby objects and can actually reduce security because of the glare that it produces. It causes light pollution over a wide area. Shields can be added (make your own or buy one like those shown below) to direct the light downward and save light.

Rockwood Electric Utility currently supplies 175 watt mercury vapor fixtures for home security lighting and 400 watt fixtures for street lighting. We are asking them to choose to install well-designed light-saving fixtures (that direct light downward) and to choose Sodium vapor lighting instead of Mercury vapor. Many homes would welcome a smaller fixture -- for example, 70 watt.

In reviewing dark sky-friendly fixtures that may be useful for homes in east Tennessee, two fixtures stand out, the GE SKYGARD 201AS and the American Electric Lighting because they are avaliable with 70W HPS (high-pressure sodium) lamps. Even 70W HPS can be excessive for residential use.

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tb-pcsc Manufacturer:  American Electric Lighting
Model: Package C   Series C
Lamp/Wattage: LPS 35  HPS /50-550  MV / 100-250
Notes: 35W LPS (Low Pressure Sodium) and 70W HPS (High Pressure Sodium) are a plus for this fixture.
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IDA Slide Set A1 Slide #1 Manufacturer:  GE Lighting Systems
Model: SKYGARD 201SA Unit Pack (pdf)
Lamp/Wattage: HPS  /  70, 100,150  MV /175
Notes: 70W HPS is a plus for this fixture.  Mercury Vapor should not be used.
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IDA Slide Set A1 Slide #1 Manufacturer:  Hubbell Lighting Inc.
Lamp/Wattage: HPS  /  150,250
MV   /  175,250
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Manufacturer:  Regent a Cooper Lighting  Brand
Model: Model LP175 (Cooper Lighting)
Lamp/Wattage: 175W-MV Mercury Vapor
Notes: 175W MV is too much light for most residential uses.
Available at Some Lowe's but not listed yet in our Harriman store.
Additional Links:   Cooper Lighting (Regent) SecCatPG27.pdf  (47K)

Manufacturer:  The Designer's Edge
Model: Model L-1730-70W-HPS ( 70W-HPS is a plus )   
Model L-1820-175W-MV
Model L-1820-150W-HPS
Lamp/Wattage: 175W-MV Mercury Vapor
150W-HPS High Pressure Sodium
Notes: 150W HPS and 175W MV is to much light for most residential uses.   L-1730-70W-HPS is a good choice from this category.
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Manufacturer:  Hubbell Lighting, Inc.  & Outdoor Lighting Associates
Model:  NPU-BI ( Hubble Sky Cap )
Lamp/Wattage: Use this on the old inefficient home security fixtures if you want to keep the old fixture but make it work more efficiently. Glare is reduced and visibility is improved.
Notes: Full Cutoff, Fits on all Dusk to Dawn Luminaires, available as NITE-TO-LITEtm SKYCAP. Cost is about $30 and works great.
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Manufacturer:  LUMINAIRE TECHNOLOGIES  & Outdoor Lighting Associates
Model: Lite-Blocker
Lamp/Wattage: This makes the home more secure by blocking glare from a particular direction. From this specific direction, your visibility of activities on the ground will not be reduced by glare.
Notes: Fits on all Dusk to Dawn Head Luminaires, Low Cost, about $23
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Outdoor Flood Lighting

Remember that too much light can actually make it harder to see. As the eye adapts to the high light levels, the surrounding area and shadows appear to be darker.

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