Taking Social Out Of Social Media

By: Hannah Tyring


Taking SOCIAL out of SOCIAL media,

What does that mean?

That we are technologically advancing,

Our eyes are focused on a screen.

We're so concerned about tweeting or updating a new post

It seems that we have forgotten what matters most.

Don't let me deceive you, SOCIAL media can be great

It keep us in the know, and it keeps us up to date.

We can know what is happening across the globe in less than a sec

Want to know what's going on in Japan?  Hang on let me check!

We can keep in contact with loved ones who are millions of miles away,

With skype we can see them multiple times a day.

SOCIAL media has its perks, but it also has its downs

I think it's time we turn our society upside down.

Because is all of this worth it, are we changing for the good?

Are these advancements hurting us or do we have it misunderstood?

Have you taken time to go outside and breathe in fresh air?

Or do you follow the crowd, and use SOCIAL media everywhere?

We as a society seem to be failing,

But the future of our children is what we're unveiling.

Take a second and think of the last time you sat in silence,

It's hard to remember, because you're so used to scrolling through Facebook focusing on all the violence.

Have you even put your apps on pause and noticed what's going on around you?

SOCIAL media is more than a fad, it's an epidemic, worse than the flu.  

It may seem farfetched and a tad bit dramatic

But it's the cold hard truth, maybe you're an addict?

I believe that SOCIAL media has caused us to hide behind a screen

It's spreading like an epidemic, yet there's no vaccine.

It is like the world has begun to slip,

We can't communicate and form friendships.

Not only does it take away our skills of communication,

SOCIAL media has the ability to ruin reputations.

Cyber Bullying is a huge problem that is underplayed,

It ruins and sabotages lives every single day.

It is time that we recognize SOCIAL media is taking over our lives.

It is time we enjoy one another, and stop being deprived.

We as a whole have so much potential, it's sad to see it go to waste.

But we cannot let it go much longer, let's change the world with haste.

Let's make sure our children aren't dependent on a device.

If we don't wake up and make a change they will surely pay the price.

Sit your phone down, tell your friends and family to do the same.

You have SOCIAL media to lose, and the entire world to gain.