RSCC Faculty Senate Minutes

Friday, September 22, 2006, 2:30 p.m.

Oak Ridge Branch Campus, H-236


1.                 Attendance:

President:                        Bruce Fisher

Sub Council Rep:            Betty Denison

Business/Technology:      George Meghabghab, Dave Rath

Health Science:                Jeremy Keough, Marianna Mabry, Marty Young

Nursing:                          Juliana Powers, Regina Hinkle, Melinda Wong

Humanities:                     Joette Waddle, Curtis Currie, Sarah Thomason, Jesse


Math Science:                 Pat Bailey, Pat Brown, Jill Denton, Saeed Rahanian,

                              Lauri Sammartano

          Social/ Behavioral Science: John Thomas, Val Herd, Dan Hyder


2.  Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the meeting of April 28, 2006, were

     approved with some minor spelling and grammatical corrections.


3.     Election of Vice President: Pat Wurth was nominated and elected by



4.     Election of Secretary: No one was nominated during the meeting. It

had been reported during the meeting that Don Windham would serve as

secretary if no one wanted to do it. After the meeting Lauri Sammartano

volunteered to be considered for the job of secretary. Bruce Fisher will

circulate a ballot by e-mail asking for the selection of Lauri Sammartano

as the new Secretary of Faculty Senate. The results of this ballet will be

published by e-mail.


5.     Comments by Dave Rath: Dave expressed his appreciation to the Senate

     for being selected as the Benroth Award winner for last year.


6.     Report from Faculty Sub Council: Betty Denison reported about the July

     Sub Council Meeting. She reported that a Task Force had been appointed

     to look into problems with publishers and book stores. The problem is

     that publishers are marketing new editions of texts too quickly with only

     minor changes to the book. This causes problems for students who need

     to purchase used texts and some other problems. The task Force will look

     into this problem.


     Another Task Force has been appointed to look into Faculty workload

     with respect to lab teaching and the workload credit given for labs.

     A Developmental Studies Task Force was appointed to look at that curriculum.


      The issue of Software Licensing was discussed. It was reported to the

      committee that faculty who install software on their office computers or

      any computers that they use may be liable for any problems the software

      might cause to the computer or the system. There was discussion of who

      at the college or university should be responsible for approving the

      installation of software onto a computer.


      The next item came from the Chancellor as a “heads up.” He said that a

      change is coming in the way classes will be taught. It will differ from the

      existing method we use now. In fact there is a pilot project going on at

      Austin Peay and 2 other universities. The Austin Peay project involves

      Developmental Math. The instructors now are assigned to times in

      developmental math lab. They are responsible for teaching any student

      who comes into the lab during that time, instead of having a separate

      class in which they are responsible for only those students in that section.

      It is a “Modular Approach.” More information will follow in time.


7.     Discussion of the President’s White Paper: The Senate was Asked by Dr.

     Goff to review the White Paper that he presented during our professional

     development this Fall. He wanted us to discuss it and consider endorsing

     it. The senate members will revisit this document and discuss it next

     meeting. At that time they will consider endorsing it. Or, if need be,

     invite the President to the meeting to discuss it with the Senate.


8.     Appointment of members to Academic and Curriculum Council: The

     following members were appointed to the Council: Math/Science, Bruce

     Fisher; Nursing, Juliana Powers; Humanities, Curtis Currie; Business,

     Jean Trentham; Health Sciences, Janet Neely; Scott Teeter respectfully

     declined serving on the Council. Bruce Fisher will ask Chris Whaley to

     select someone from Social/Behavioral Science to serve on the Council.


9.     Appointment of members to the Promotion and Tenure Committee

     Social/Behavioral Science, John Thomas; Humanities, Sarah Thomason;

     Math/Science, Pat Brown; Business, George Meghabghab; Health

     Science, Marty Young; Nursing, Bill West.


10. IDEA Evaluation and Process: Since the Senate approved the pilot

     project using the IDEA evaluation process, the Senate felt that they

     should keep track of the process and how it proceeds. There was some

     concern about the need for large numbers of students responding to make

     the evaluation statistically valid. There was also some concern about

     every division being forced to select only three criteria upon which to be

     evaluated and no more. These criteria will apply to all faculty members

     teaching a course. There was some worry about doing the evaluation this

     way as it might lead to negative comparisons between faculty members in

     a division. Betty Denison will asked Dr. Roberson-Scott about the 

     statistics. Bruce Fisher will check with Dr. King about the

     rationale for selecting just three criteria and the use of those three for all

     faculty in a division. Reports will be made to the Senate at the next



11. The topics of quality control for web classes, Saturday and night class

     exam times, and adjunct faculty salaries were tabled till next meeting.


12. The next Faculty Senate meeting will be Friday, October 20, 2006, 2:30

      p.m. at the Roane County Campus. The location will be announced to the

      Senators by e-mail.


13. The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.