Roane State Community College

Faculty Senate Minutes

Friday, December 9, 1:30 p.m..

Walden Dining Room Harriman


1.         Attendance:

            President:                               Safdie, Robert

            Vice President:                       Lanza, Don

            Secretary:                               Crotty, Pat

            Sub Council Rep:                   Denison, Betty

            Past President:                       Alfonso, Robert

            Parliamentarian:                    Windham, Don (absent)

            Business/Technology:            Fox, Brad; Meghabghab, George; Wurth, Pat; Rath, Dave                                             

            Health Science/Nursing:        Young, Marty; Andreaco, Jane

            Humanities:                            Thomason, Sarah; Knox, Jim;              

            Library:                                  Vaughn, Laura

            Math/Science:                        Bailey, Pat; Denton, Jill; Roberson,      

                                                            Carolyn; Siergiej, Pam

            Social/Behavioral Science:    Schramm, Bill; Doyle, Jim;


2.         Motion to Approve agenda:  Motion to approve agenda was made by Bill Schramm and second by Pat Wurth; Motion approved.


3.         Motion to Approve Minutes: Motion to approve minutes of November 17, 2005 Faculty Senate Meeting made by Jim Doyle; second by Sarah Thompson;  Motion approved.


4.         Treasury Report: Acct. # 2-61920 Starting Balance $720.00; Current Balance:

            $685.65 No Change


5.         Committee Reports


            A. Faculty Evaluation Committee:  Don Lanza reported the Pilot is in progress and students have demonstrated a positive response.  Committee to meet in January 2006.


            B. Promotion & Tenure Policy Review Committee: Sarah Thomason stated the committees report is ready to be turned in to Dr. King next week. Faculty hired in 2003 will be last group to use current policy. A

            request was made to have this report available to faculty to view before leaving on winter break and to ask Dr. King to discuss this issue at the next Faculty Senate meeting.


C. Travel Time Equal Office Hours Committee: Nothing to report.


D. Faculty Sub-Council Report Betty Denison: At last board meeting “Student bill of Rights” and guideline  for  “Faculty compensation for teaching credit courses as an overload” were adopted.


E. Curriculum and Academic Council meeting: No news to report.


6.         Tim Carroll, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology, met with the Faculty Senate to discuss the Banner Project for Roane State Community College.  In a brief presentation on the project, he covered the major areas of the project and the benefits of the Digital Campus through the use of the RaiderNet Portal.  He also covered the vision for the project, a “campus without walls”.  Additionally, he discussed the concept single sign on for access to the portal, Banner modules and Self-service modules.  During the question and answer period Mr. Carroll answered questions on overall costs to both Roane State Community College and the Tennessee Board of Regents.


7.         Administrative Promotions and Support Staff Wages: Robert Safdie attended Support Staff Council Meeting and expressed Faculty concern and interest.


8.         Next Meeting: Thursday, January 26, 2006, 2:30 Oak Ridge F-105


9.         Old Business:

            a. Building access issue – a follow up with Executive Committee has not occurred as of today.

            b. An organizational chart was requested to be placed on the RSCC website, this also has occurred as of this date.


10.       Student President of S.I.F.E. requested and received cash donations from Faculty Senate members for community service drive.


11.       Adjournment  approximately 4 pm


Minutes Submitted by:

Patricia Crotty, MSN APRN BC

Associate Professor

Secretary Faculty Senate 2005-2006


Submitted: January 18, 2005                            Approved: January 26, 2006