RSCC Faculty Senate Minutes

Thursday, November 17, 2:30 p.m..

Oak Ridge, Room H-209

1.         Attendance:

            President:                               Safdie, Robert

            Vice President:                       Lanza, Don

            Secretary:                               Crotty, Pat

            Sub Council Rep:                   Denison, Betty

            Past President:                       Alfonso, Robert

            Parliamentarian:                    Windham, Don (absent)

            Business/Technology:            Fox, Brad; Meghabghab, George; Rath, Dave                                      

Health Science/Nursing:        Andreaco, Jane; Young, Marty

            Humanities:                            Hillliard; Peggy; Knox, Jim; Thomason, Sarah;

            Library:                                  Vaughn, Laura;

            Math/Science:                        Bailey, Pat; Lee, Arthur; Denton, Jill

Social/Behavioral Science:    Gomezdelcampo, Lil;    Schramm, Bill; Cordell, Sharon; Heidinger, Gary


            Vice President of Academic Affairs:  King, Adolf


2.         Motion to Approve Agenda – Motion to approve agenda was made by

            Betty Denison; 2nd by Lil Gomezdelcampo; Motion Approved

3.         Motion to Approve Minutes – Motion to approve minutes of October 21, 2005 Faculty Senate Meeting made by Betty Denison; 2nd by Lil Gomezdelcampo; Motion Approved

4.         Treasury Report: Acct. # 2-61920 Starting Balance $720.00; Current Balance: 685.65 No Change

5.         Recognition of Performance Funding Achievement (See Attachment II)

            Motion made by George Meghabghab; 2nd by Arthur Lee; Motion Approved

6.         Committee Reports

A. Faculty Evaluation Committee   Reported that beta testing would begin this November/December.

B. Promotion & Tenure Policy Review Committee – Reported committee is on target and document will be submitted on time.

C. Travel Time Equal Office Hours Committee – Members of committee reported process and research still in progress. Nothing new to report at this time.

D. Faculty Sub-Council Report Betty Denison – Distributed four handouts with brief explanations of each.

1.)  TBR “Policy Student Rights and Freedoms  Although this policy has not yet been approved by TBR, RSCC Faculty Senate supports this policy. M. Young suggested expanding the statement on discrimination to include more than race.

2.) “Draft (9/22/2005) Guideline – NO. P-XXX – Faculty compensation for teaching credit courses as an overload”. This policy has been edited and has  received positive response. It was explained that programs that pay less or more than this policy will require approval by the Chancellor. This guideline will become effective next academic year. Betty Denison moved Faculty Senate endorse this document. Second by Lil Gomezdelcampo. Unanimous approval.

3.) “Draft K-6 Curriculum”. This was approved by Faculty Sub Council.

4.) American Council on Education “Statement on Academic Rights and Responsibilities”. This document was endorsed by TBR and adopted by Faculty Sub Council.

E. Curriculum and Academic Council meeting – 2 year academic calendar was approved. Any suggestions for changes are due November 18, 2005.

7.         Update: 24/7 Building Access (See Attachment III)   Forward request to take action on Building access to Executive Committee.

8.         Update: Clarification on the Incomplete grade assignment – There was some discussion on “can Deans override an instructor’s decision to give a student a failing grade versus giving an Incomplete.” After some discussion, Dr. King stated this policy is clear in Student Catalog and faculty members should be consistent in how this option is used. Students do not have the right to demand an “Incomplete” because they are failing a course. “Incomplete” is to be used for students who are unable to complete the course work due to some unforeseen circumstances.

8.         Update: Administrative Promotions and other points of interest – Dr. King briefly discussed administrative promotions. There was some concern from senators of possible “job title inflation” and concern for future implications. A suggestion was made to place an organization flow chart on the Web.

9.         Administrative Promotions and Support Staff Wages

Tabled Motion from October 21st meeting

The Faculty Senate, recognizes the importance of support staff in ensuring that faculty are able to perform their mission effectively, wishes to maintain stability at the division secretary and faculty-support secretary level and prevent the loss of skilled staff. One concern is that salary benefits of other RSCC positions will attract qualified division secretaries and create instability in faculty support services. While this concern may directly impact faculty, the Faculty Senate recognizes the primacy of the Support Staff Council in such matters. The Faculty Senate, thus, expresses its hope that Support Staff Council will address this issue.”

It was not determined if this is a faculty senate issue. Discussion postponed to December.

10.       Statement of support for Adjunct Faculty participation in divisional and departmental functions: There was a short discussion on this issue. Divisions handle it differently, some supportive and some not. Faculty Senate reaffirmed its belief that all adjunct should have the opportunity to join divisional and departmental meetings.

11.       Next Meeting: Friday December 9, 2005, 1:30 Walden Dining Room – It was agreed to make this a brief, festive meeting. A list will be circulated to bring snacks. 

12.       Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 4:10pm


Minutes Submitted by:

Patricia Crotty, MSN APRN BC

Associate Professor

Secretary Faculty Senate 2005-2006

Submitted: December 2, 2005                            Approved:  December 9, 2005




Attachment II. Recognition of performance funding achievement



        Performance Funding Annual Report for 2004-05




Summary of Points Recommended







Roane State Community College








General Education




      Standard 1.A:       General Education Outcomes




      Standard 1.B:       Pilot Evaluations of General Ed Outcomes




Program Accountability




      Standard 1.C.1:   Accreditation of Academic Programs




      Standard 1.C.2:   Program Review (Undergraduate)




Major Field Assessment




      Standard 1.D:       Major Field Testing












      Standard 2.A:       Alumni Survey












      Standard 3.A:       Mission Distinctive Institutional Goals




      Standard 3.B:       State Strategic Plan Goals












Output Attainment




       Standard 4.A.1:    Retention and Persistence




       Standard 4.A.2:    Job Placement




Assessment Implementation




       Standard 4.B:       Self Study/Implementation








Total Points Recommended




 Attachment III. 24/7 Access to campus buildings:  follow up letter


From: Friend, Loretta
Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2005 11:56 AM
Safdie, Robert
Lanza, Don; Crotty, Patricia; Alfonso, Robert; Windham, Don; King, Adolf; Fuqua, Bill; Goff, Gary
Subject: RE: Building Access

Robby, after meeting with your group earlier and receiving your recommendation about building access, I did share that development at an Executive Council meeting.  We discussed issues and possibilities around this, but no formal action was taken.


As your recommendation is going to require the college to dedicate (probably significant) resources to make 24/7, safe access to all offices at all locations possible, and since I'm not in control of those resources, this is out of the scope of my responsibility.  I would suggest that you pursue your recommendation with VP's King or Fuqua as they can advise you on what it might take to accomplish your goal and let you know how that may impact other college projects that are competing for the same limited resources.  At any rate, I think a broader discussion needs to take place.  Perhaps you can arrive at a solution that helps accomplish what you want in terms of giving faculty better access to their offices and would require minimal additional resources.


If you want me to come to your meeting tomorrow to relay this and do some brainstorming, I can.  Or if you prefer to share it yourself, that would be fine.


Best wishes,



From: Safdie, Robert
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2005 7:20 PM
Friend, Loretta
Lanza, Don; Crotty, Patricia; Alfonso, Robert; Windham, Don
Subject: FW: Building Access



I have an Oak Ridge Faculty Senate meeting this Thursday in room  H 209 at 2:30 p.m. Is there anything that you would wish to address at the meeting concerning building access?


Robby Safdie

Faculty Senate President

-----Original Message-----
Safdie, Robert
Sent: Wed 10/12/2005
1:46 PM
Friend, Loretta
Lanza, Don; Crotty, Patricia; Alfonso, Robert
Subject: Building Access


Roane State Faculty Senate has unanimously recommended that Roane State work to achieve full compliance to its Admission to Building Policy and in addition allow faculty full access to their offices at the end of the normal working day or when the campus is closed.

In making this request, the faculty senate acknowledges the challenges associated with:

    1. Administrative management of keys
    2. Lost keys by faculty
    3. Security and safety

And feel confident solutions to these challenges can be found which satisfy all concerns.


Policy on

Security Guards maintain daily logs, which contain the name(s) of anyone admitted to any building after it has been secured at the end of the normal working day or when the campus is closed. For this reason, and because guards may not know all employees personally, they are required to determine proper identification before granting access. Therefore, it is required that all employees carry proper identification when requesting access to any campus facility. Acceptable documents include such items as Driver's License, RSCC/TBR Identification Card, Passport, Student ID Card or similar documents that establish identity.

2. After regular working hours or when the campus is closed, guards may deny access to anyone that is unable to produce proper identification or to anyone they believe has no legitimate business on campus.

3. Students will not be admitted to buildings, rooms or laboratories after regular working hours or when the campus is closed unless accompanied by an administrator or teaching faculty member. The administrator or faculty member is responsible for the student's conduct while on campus.

4. Students will not be permitted access to laboratories or other rooms that contain equipment where safety and security is of concern, unless the proper instructor or technician is present.

Thank you so much for speaking with the Faculty Senate. Your presentation raised the complexities involved with this issue. I look forward to working with you, exploring the challenges, and finding solutions that meet both faculty and institutional needs.

Robby Safdie
Faculty Senate President