Roane State Community College

Faculty Senate Minutes

October 21, 2005

Walden Dining area


1.         Attendance:

            President:                               Safdie, Robert

            Vice President:                       Lanza, Don

            Secretary:                               Crotty, Pat (absent)

            Sub Council Rep:                   Denison, Betty

            Past President:                       Alfonso, Robert

            Parliamentarian:                    Windham, Don

            Business/Technology:            Fox, Brad; Meghabghab, George; Rave, Dave;

                                                            Wurth, Pat; Trentham, Jean 

            Health Science/Nursing:        Stamm, Lisa; Andreaco, Jane

            Humanities:                            Currie, Curtis; Hilliard, Peggy; Knox, Jim;

                                                            Thomason, Sarah; Poulin, Gerald

            Library:                                  Ellis, Rosemary

            Math/Science:                        Bailey, Pat; Condon, Jim; Denton, Jill; Lee, Arthur; Roberson, Carolyn; Siergiej, Pam

            Social/Behavioral Science:    Cordell, Sharon; Doyle, Jim; Gomezdelcampo, Lil;

                                                            Heidinger, Gary; Schramm, Bill


2.         Motion to Approve Agenda -- Motion to approve agenda made by Jim Condon. Second by Pat Wurth. Unanimous approval


3.         Motion to Approve Minutes – Motion to approve minutes of September 29th, 2005 Faculty Senate meeting made by Sarah Thomason. Second by Pat Wurth.  Minutes were unanimously approved.


4.         Treasury Report: Acct. # 2-61920 Starting Balance $720.00; Current Balance: $685.65 . Unchanged from last month.


5.         Recognition of 2005-2006 Parliamentarian: Don Windham was recognized as 2005-06 parliamentarian.


6.         Recognition of Tenure and Promotion Committee Appointees

David Puckett, Michael Curran, Maria Barriga; Deborah Palatinus; Gary Heidinger. All appointees accepted.


7.         Committee Reports

A. Faculty Evaluation Committee – Looking at tools that can be used on line so as not to use class time. If interested in volunteering to pilot get in touch with Kristy Roberson-Scott. Plans are to demo to faculty in Spring 2006.


B. Promotion & Tenure Policy Review Committee – Working on promotion with tenure drafts. There is a deadline for the committee to complete its work by the end of this semester.


C. Travel Time Equal Office Hours Committee –  The sub-committee met and agreed that they would conduct a survey to determine how other community colleges handled travel pay and office hours.  Dr. Goff said that he recognized the unique situation of RSCC faculty with numerous hours a week spent on the road traveling from one site to another. He volunteered to talk to administrative staff at TBR to find out what can be done at the TBR level.


D. Faculty Sub-Council Report – No report.


E. Curriculum and Academic Council meeting (Academic Calendar)

Faculty senate representatives on the Curriculum and Academic Council meeting voted at the October meeting of the Council to accept the proposed 2006-2007 academic calendar. See Attachment II, Item 7. Many faculty discussed their preference to have the Academic Festival on Thursday and Friday, rather than earlier in the week.


8.         Update: 24/7 Building Access – A letter was written to Loretta Friend See Attachment II, Item 8 See attached email from Loretta Friend.


9.         Adjunct Travel Reimbursement - Dr. Gary Goff

            A letter was written to Dr. Goff describing the faculty senate’s concern with adjunct travel reimbursement. See Attachment II Item 9 Dr. Goff informed Faculty Senate that this semester adjunct faculty travel reimbursement will double.  Adjunct faculty’s paychecks will be delivered earlier in the semester to help adjunct meet their economic needs. Dr. Goff is also looking at requiring direct deposit for all adjunct faculty. Dr. Goff also discussed new ideas for providing financial assistance to students. He discussed the TIPS program and is looking at restructuring financial aide payment process to make student financial aid monies more accessible to students earlier in the semester.   He is also interested in examining how the bookstore can tie into any new finance structure that might be implemented at RSCC. Dr. Goff discussed the importance of marketing RSCC and increasing the amount of monies for marketing.


10.       Update: Administrative Promotions and Support Staff Wages; and Faculty Salaries

            Mr. Fuqua sent RSCC staff a letter stating that RSCC would be unable to fund salary raises due to decreased FTE, but will be able to pay out one time sum in November. See Attachment II 10.


            A question was posed about salaries across the college. Interest was expressed in the administrative release of employee salaries by position. Safdie said that he would open this subject up to Dr. Goff.  


            Bill Schramm submitted the following motion:


                        Stability of Faculty Support Services: The Faculty Senate, recognizes the importance of support staff in ensuring that faculty are able to perform their mission effectively, wishes to maintain stability at the division secretary and faculty-support secretary level and prevent the loss of skilled staff. One concern is that salary benefits of other RSCC positions will attract qualified division secretaries and create instability in faculty support services. While this concern may directly impact faculty, the Faculty Senate recognizes the primacy of the Support Staff Council in such matters. The Faculty Senate, thus, expresses its hope that Support Staff Council will address this issue.

Second by Safdie


Much discussion was held on the role of the faculty senate. Safdie said that he would attend the next support staff sub council meeting.


Pat Wurth moved to table to the November 17th meeting. Second by Sarah Thomason. Motion to table approved.


11.              Enrollment Decrease.  Faculty received a letter from Dr. King describing the enrollment decrease for Fall 2005 and suggested several ways faculty may participate in helping to solve the enrollment problem. See Attachment II 11.


12.              Motion to Approve Items on the Annual Agenda/Calendar  See Attachment II, Item 12. Don Lanza led the faculty senate in a discussion on items to be included in a yearly agenda. The items of primary importance included Distance Leaning, Promotion and Tenure, Academic Freedom, and Alternate Course Scheduling that includes such topics as 4 day work week and a common “free period.” Areas to be covered at the discretion of the executive staff include: Incomplete Grades, Flu Vaccine, Amend Senate Constitution, and options for adjunct faculty to participate in departmental activities.


13:       Next Meeting: Thursday, November 17, 2005 Oak Ridge Room H-209 - Note Room Change


14.       Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 3:20pm


Minutes recorded by Lisa Stamm 


Minutes Submitted by:

Patricia Crotty, MSN APRN BC

Associate Professor

Secretary Faculty Senate 2005-2006

Submitted: Oct 31, 2005                            Approved: November 17, 2005






Attachment II



On Thursday, October 6 at 2:30 the Academic and Curriculum Council met. The Academic Calendar below was approved by the Council.  Faculty Senators George Meghabghab, Pat Crotty, Jill Denton, Lil Gomezdelcampo, Curtis Currie, and Robert Safdie voted in favor of the calendar proposed below.


Academic Calendar



Fall 2006

Web Registration Begins

Monday, April 3

Faculty Report

Monday, August 21

Freshman Experience

Wed. – Thurs., August 23-24

Classes Begin

Monday, August 28

Labor Day Holiday

Monday, September 4

Fall Break

Mon.-Tues., Oct. 16-17

Thanksgiving Holiday

Thurs.-Sun., Nov. 23-26

Last Day of Classes

Monday, December 11

Examination Period

Tues.-Thurs., Dec. 12-14

Grades Due

Noon – Friday, December 15


Spring 2007

Web Registration Begins

Monday, November 13

Faculty Report

Monday, January 8

Martin Luther King Holiday

Monday, January 15

Classes Begin

Tuesday, January 16

Spring Break

Mon.-Sun., March 5-11

Good Friday Holiday

Friday, April 6

Last Day of Classes

Monday, April 30

Examination Period

Tues.-Thurs., May 1-3

Grades Due

Noon – Friday, May 4


Fri.-Sat., May 4-5


Summer 2007

Web Registration Begins

Monday, April 2

Classes Begin (1st & Full Terms)

Monday, June 4

First Term Ends

Friday, June 29

Second Term Begins

Monday, July 2

Fourth of July Holiday

Wednesday, July 4

Classes End (2nd & Full Terms)

Monday, July 30

Attachment II



Item 08:

Action Taken (Letter written by FSP in behalf of the Faculty Senate on the issue of Building access.

“Roane State Faculty Senate has unanimously recommended that Roane State work to achieve full compliance to its Admission to Building Policy and in addition allow faculty full access to their offices at the end of the normal working day or when the campus is closed.

In making this request, the faculty senate acknowledges the challenges associated with:

    1. Administrative management of keys
    2. Lost keys by faculty
    3. Security and safety

And feel confident solutions to these challenges can be found which satisfy all concerns.

Policy on

1. Security Guards maintain daily logs, which contain the name(s) of anyone admitted to any building after it has been secured at the end of the normal working day or when the campus is closed. For this reason, and because guards may not know all employees personally, they are required to determine proper identification before granting access. Therefore, it is required that all employees carry proper identification when requesting access to any campus facility. Acceptable documents include such items as Driver's License, RSCC/TBR Identification Card, Passport, Student ID Card or similar documents that establish identity.

2. After regular working hours or when the campus is closed, guards may deny access to anyone that is unable to produce proper identification or to anyone they believe has no legitimate business on campus.

3. Students will not be admitted to buildings, rooms or laboratories after regular working hours or when the campus is closed unless accompanied by an administrator or teaching faculty member. The administrator or faculty member is responsible for the student's conduct while on campus.

4. Students will not be permitted access to laboratories or other rooms that contain equipment where safety and security is of concern, unless the proper instructor or technician is present.

Thank you so much for speaking with the Faculty Senate. Your presentation raised the complexities involved with this issue. I look forward to working with you,  exploring the challenges, and finding solutions that meet both faculty and institutional needs.

Attachment II


Item 09:

A: Travel compensation review request

Motion approved on September 29 2005 by Faculty Senate: Given concerns that recent increases in cost of transportation may cause adjunct faculty to cease lending critical support to RSCC, the Faculty Senate requests that RSCC Financial Services staff review the adequacy of compensation for travel currently provided to adjunct faculty.


The FSP was tasked with the authority to discuss the resolution with administration and report back to the Faculty Senate at the October meeting.


B. Letter sent to Dr Gary Goff

During the last Faculty Senate meeting the faculty raised a concern that adjunct travel reimbursement should be examined to determine how well the current reimbursement schedule is aligned with the rising cost of fuel. We are inviting you or your designee to speak to the Faculty Senate about the current method of travel reimbursement for adjuncts and the rising fuel costs.

The Senate is further concerned that we may begin to lose adjunct faculty should they determine that current mileage compensation levels leave them in the position of subsidizing Roane State operations. 

This concern was formalized in a motion which was unanimously approved. The motion has been summarized in the first paragraph of this document. 

I hope you can send someone to discuss this at our October 21st meeting.

Robby Safdie

Faculty Senate President

2005-06 Faculty Senate meetings are scheduled for the following dates:

Harriman Friday, October 21, 1:30, 2005 Walden Dining Room
Oak Ridge Thursday, November 17, 2:30, 2005 H 209
Harriman Friday Dec. 9, 1:30, 2005Walden Dining Room
Oak Ridge Thursday January 26, 2:30, 2006 H 209
Harriman Friday February 24, 1:30, 2006Walden Dining Room
Oak Ridge Thursday March 23, 2:30, 2006 H 209
Harriman Friday, April 28, 1:30 2006 (Last meeting for the 2005-2006 academic year)Walden Dining Room



Attachment II


Item 10

From:   Fuqua, Bill 
Sent:   Wednesday, October 12, 2005 4:41 PM
To:     Administrative Council; Faculty; Support Staff

This is an update on salary policy for the balance of this fiscal year. 

The salary plan the College submitted to the TBR in August was approved at the TBR quarterly meeting held in late September at Cleveland State Community College.  However, due to the enrollment decline we experienced fall semester, we will not be able to fully implement what we proposed.

First, the good news -- the College will proceed with the institutional bonus of 1% of salary or $300, whichever is greater, to be paid on the November 15, 2005, payroll cycle.  The details of this non-recurring bonus were included in an e-mail dated August 18, 2005 (copy attached).

Now the bad news - the College will not be able to proceed with the 2% salary increase for selected employees through our approved compensation plan in January 2006.  One of the requirements for salary increases for FY 2005-06 from the TBR was that the President certify that all recurring salary increases be sustainable from recurring revenues without the need for additional fee increases.  Unfortunately, the 6% FTE enrollment decline we experienced this fall will result in a reduction of over $400,000 in maintenance fees for the year and projected increases in the cost of electricity and natural gas will require over $170,000 in additional recurring funds.  As a result, the College cannot support the annualized recurring cost of over $300,000 for the 2% salary increase.

I regret that the College will not be able to implement the recurring salary increases we had planned, but I am pleased that we can implement the one-time bonus in November.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

William S. Fuqua, III
Executive Vice President for Financial Services

Attachment II


Item 11


October 14, 2005

Dear Faculty Member,

As many of you are aware,
Roane State Community College experienced a significant decrease in student enrollment for Fall 2005.  In response to this, the Executive Staff has been reviewing strategies to retain students from Fall 2005 through Spring 2006.  Successful students have always said that one of the most memorable experiences that occurred on campus was interaction with, and assistance from faculty.

With that in mind, we are actively investigating an Early Alert system to help us intervene with students who are experiencing difficulties during the semester. In the meantime however, in order to address this problem now and to help ensure a good Fall to Spring retention rate, I would like to formalize and broaden the concept of FACULTY INTERVENTION, a process that many of you already practice. Here are the strategies I am asking your assistance with

Strategy 1:
Please make every effort to engage students who are struggling in your class by advising them to seek assistance from the
Learning Center or Counseling depending upon your assessment of their situation.

Strategy 2:
If a student has not attended your class, phone the student to ask why and then document.  This information should be sent to your Dean.

Strategy 3:
If you have a student who you have difficulty engaging or does not make progress, please send their name to your Dean.  Please include the name of the student, the course and information regarding your assessment of the student need.  The Dean will then review and advise if another appropriate strategy is available e.g. Administrative Withdrawal.

Your impact on students is critical to their success.  I realize that each of you assist students to stay on track, however a process that is formalized will have better results.  Your dedication to students is recognized and most appreciated.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or your Dean.


Adolf A. King
Vice President of Academic Services

Attachment II

Item 12:

Approval of Annual Agenda/Calendar


Since last meeting items on this list have grown. Be prepared to rank these according to importance and desire to discuss these issues at a faculty senate meeting.


Possible Agenda Items for Future Faculty Senate Meetings


·        Academic Audit: The New TBR Initiative

·        Common Meeting Times for Faculty Development and Departmental Meetings

·        Adjunct Faculty (Should they participate more in college activities, such as division meetings, etc.?)

·        Promotion & Tenure Issues (Clarification of roles of faculty and the administration in the process)

·        Flu vaccines (Should the college provide adequate vaccines for faculty and support staff?)

·        Plus/minus grades (Should college change to this system?)

·        MW classes (Should the college go to MW/TR classes and leave Fridays free for labs, advisement, etc.?)

·        Incomplete grades (Clarification of the meaning of grade)

·        Distance learning classes (There are several issues here, including the consistency between the live and online classes, advising students before taking online classes, etc.)

·        Amend Faculty Senate Constitution (hasn’t been updated since 2000)