Roane State Community College

Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

Thursday September 29, 2005 1:30pm

Oak Ridge Campus


1.         Members Present:

Faculty Senate President (FSP) :           Safdie, Robert (Business/Technology)

Vice President:                                     Lanza, Don (Social Science)

Secretary:                                             Crotty, Pat (Health Science/Nursing)

Past President:                                      Alfonso, Robert (Humanities/Learning Center)

Sub Council:                                         Denison, Betty (Math Science)

Senators (FS) by Division:

Business/Technology:                            Fox, Brad; Meghabghab, George; Rath, Dave; Wurth, Pat

Health Science/Nursing:                        Andreaco, Jane; Stamm, Lisa

Humanities:                                           Currie, Curtis; Knox, Jim; Thomason, Sarah

Math/Science:                                       Bailey, Pat; Denton, Jill; Lee, Arthur

Social Science:                                     Cordell, Sharon; Gomezdelcampo, Lil;   Heidinger, Gary; Schramm, Bill

Library:                                                Laura Vaughn

            (Total Senators present = 22)


2.         Approval of Agenda -- Motion to Approve Agenda was made. Agenda was unanimously approved.


3.         Approval of Minutes -- Motion to Approve Minutes of the August 26, 2005 FS meeting was made. Minutes were unanimously approved.


4.         Treasury Report –Safdie reported $34.35 had been spent on a recognition plaque.


5.         Parliamentarian Report. Safdie reported that no parliamentarian had been selected, yet.


6.         Committee Reports – Committee representatives reported no new changes had taken place in their committees since the previous faculty senate meeting. Betty Denison, Faculty Sub-Council reported that Oct. 21st was the meeting date of the Faculty Sub-Council meeting in Nashville.


7.         Recognition of Academic and Curriculum Council committee volunteers. Faculty Senate Representatives who volunteered to serve on Academic and Curriculum Council were recognized:

Curtis Currie:   Humanities

Patricia Crotty:  Health Science/Nursing

George Meghabghab: Business/Technology

Jill Denton: Math/Science

Lil Gomezdelcampo: Social Science


8.         24/7 Building Access: Loretta Friend discussed building access with FS. The FS requested that FSP to summarize its request for 24/7 access and send the request to Loretta Friend.


9.         CTAT Developments: Steve Ward gave updates on Idea rooms, WebCT, classroom equipment problems, and resources available in the CT area at the Harriman Campus. He also gave a brief presentation about the Luminous project. He presented issues about this project and how it may affect faculty and students.


10.       Motion to approve a study of travel time equal office hour equity. (Mover: Arthur Lee) Approved unanimously. A volunteer task force was formed to study the issues involved the travel time equals office hour issue.  Members of the volunteer committee are Robert Safdie, Pat Wurth, Arthur Lee, and Saeed Rahmanian.


11.       Motion to invite administrative representative to discuss mileage compensation offered to adjunct faculty. (Mover Bill Schramm) Motion was unanimously approved.


During the discussion concern was raised that current compensation of adjuncts may be inadequate in light of increases in travel costs over the past several years and in particular the past several months. Schramm clarified that the increase in mileage reimbursement did not apply to adjunct faculty and the intent of the motion was to raise the issue of adjunct faculty travel reimbursement. The Senate is further concerned about the potential loss of adjunct faculty should they determine that current mileage compensation places them in a position of subsidizing Roane State.


12.      Administrative Promotions and Support Staff Wages; and Faculty Salaries

Motion was made to request that RSCCs’ chief administrators authorize an administrative and secretarial salary equity study. (Mover Schramm) Motion tabled to be brought up again at the October 21st meeting.


FSP reported that Dr. King has been asked to speak on the issue of administrative promotions at the October 21st meeting.  Denison advised FSP to confirm that date because Vice-President usually attended the Faculty Sub-Council meeting in Nashville.


13.       Motion to approve meeting dates for Faculty Senate 2005-06 Academic Year. Motion was approved.


During the discussion Betty Denison suggested the January 2006 meeting be moved to Professional Development day when all faculty are in Harriman. After some discussion the proposed schedule was approved without changes. The question "why are faculty returning on January 10th when classes do not start until January 18, 2006" was briefly discussed. FSP was requested to research the issue.


14.       Motion to approve annual calendar agenda.  See agenda attachment III, Item 12. Motion was tabled to the October 21st meeting.


During the discussion Don Lanza presented a handout named “Issues for Faculty Senate". The recommendation was to divide these over the next 5 months. It was agreed to discuss the list at the next meeting. The list was presented as" goals to work towards" and other items could be included.


Meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:50 pm.


Submitted & Approved:  October 21, 2005



Patricia Crotty, MSN APRN BC

Associate Professor

Secretary Faculty Senate 2005-2006