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Welcome to GIS-110 - Spring Semester 2010!

Geographic Database Technology      

This site has been constructed to facilitate communication between the class instructor and students enrolled in GIS-110 at Roane State Community College.  As we progress through the Semester, I will post files for you to download, or links to information, that was discussed in class.  This site will also supplement our class work by providing you with links to additional material which you may wish to review to gain a more in-depth understanding of specific material.

You'll find information posted on various subjects discussed in class in the Class Links  area.  Handouts, exercises, exams, etc. will be posted in the Class Handouts section.  The GIS Refresher section contains links to background and supporting information on GIS you may wish to review to get a more in-depth understanding of GIS.  Finally, the GIS Data section will help you locate source data for use in projects, exercises and practice of the skills you learn in this course.

NOTE: You are encouraged to check back regularly, as information will be added frequently to this site as we progress through the semester!  Please utilize this site as a learning resource in addition to the textbooks and class meetings.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas for other information to include on this site, please e-mail the class instructor at (NOTE: You must be logged onto Momentum for this e-mail to work!)

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ANNOUNCEMENTS (Last Updated: 04/13/2010 )

bullet Updates have been posted for Week 13 - i.e. April 12th....  (4/13/10)
bullet REMINDER: Exam 2 is NEXT Week - April 19th from 5:30 till 8:30 - See Class Links for Week 13 for a review... (4/13/10)
bulletUpdated listing of ESRI Courses available to you for "free" through our school site license (click here for details)