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Technician Specialty Track

1st Fall   Hours Term TakenGrade
ENGL 1010 Composition I1 3   
INFS 1010 Computer Applications1 3   
BIOL 2010 Anatomy and Physiology I1 4   
HIMT 1301 Intro to Health Information Management1 3   
HIMT 1300 Medical Terminology1 3   
    TERM TOTAL 16   
Action Items       
  Oct Meet with Success Coach or Advisor
Complete Allied Health Sciences application
Complete FAFSA for upcoming fall term
  Nov Register for next term     
1st Spring   Hours   
CITC 1303 Database Concepts 3   
BIOL 2020 Anatomy and Physiology II 4   
CITC 1300 Beginning HTML and CSS  (FALL)   
HIMT 1303 Basic ICD Coding I 3   
HIMT 1302 HIM Legal Aspects 3   
HIMT 1201 Medical Office Procedures 2   
    TERM TOTAL 15   
Action Items       
  Mar Meet with Success Coach or Advisor     
  April Register for next term     
2nd Fall   Hours   
HIMT 1303 Basic ICD Coding I 3   
CITC 1321 A+ Hardware 3   
CITC 1302 Introduction to Networking 3   
PSYC 1030 General Psychology (Recommended) OR
PSYC 2130 Lifespan Psychology
WEB 2300 JavaScript 3   
    TERM TOTAL 15   
Action Items       
  Sept Meet with Faculty Advisor
Complete Application for Graduation
  Oct Complete FAFSA for upcoming fall term     
  Nov Register for next term     
2nd Spring   Hours   
CITC 2344 Database SQL Programming 3   
CITC 1333 Linux LPIC-I 3   
PHIL 121 Elementary Ethics (Recommended) OR
Humanities Elective
CITC 2399 Internship 3   
    Advisor Approved Elective 2 3   
    TERM TOTAL 15   
Action Items       
  Feb Take Exit Exam (ETS Proficiency Profile)      
  Mar Begin job search using RaiderRecruit      
    TOTAL HOURS 61   

1Courses required to be completed prior to admission to the program: HIMT 1300, HIMT 1301, INFS 1010, BIOL 2010, ENGL 1010.  A grade of "C" or better is required.

2 The faculty advisor approved elective is required and can be used to take an additional CISP or HIMT course to meet a students's academic and professional goals.  Students should consult with their faculty advisor for acceptable courses.  A course substitution will be required for graduation. 

Students must also obtain a grade of C or better in each required science course, as well as, each CITC and HIMT course to be accepted and remain in the Medical Informatics Program.

Program application deadline: October 31 (for Spring term admission), May 15 (for Fall term admission)

Students pursuing this option will be advised by the Allied Health Sciences Division.

This program is designed for students who plan to enter the workforce upon graduation.  Students intending to transfer to a baccalaureate program are advised that they should check with their academic advisor and the four-year institution regarding specific transfer of courses.