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1/16/2018 to 4/27/2018 - WEB

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TN eCampus course: This course covers the TBR approved Reading Learning Support Competencies: Competency Level 1 and Competency Level 2 Each competency consists of six skills and/or strategies: Main Idea, Supporting Details, Organization/Relationships, Vocabulary Development, Critical Reading/Logic, and Strategic Reading. This is an individualized course with early exit possible. Mastery of Competency Level 1, which requires students to demonstrate mastery on passages with a readability level of 9-10th, is required to progress to Competency Level 2, which requires students to demonstrate mastery of uncomplicated college entry-level passages. Students must show competency in both TBR approved reading competencies before enrolling in college level reading-intensive courses. Student MUST be enrolled in SPCH 1010 Speech at the same time. Students who complete all of the Reading Learning Support competencies will earn a passing grade. READ 0810 does not satisfy graduation requirements. (Co-requisite: SPCH 1010)
Not a part of a TN Transfer Pathway.


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