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Paralegal Studies (LEGL)

ABA Approved

A paralegal is a person, qualified by education, training or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency or other entity and who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible. (American Bar Association) However, paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

The paralegal studies program is designed to prepare students to be proficient in paralegal duties and responsibilities. Students who complete this curriculum will be able to apply basic legal concepts and become familiar with Tennessee’s court system and its substantive and procedural laws. Competency objectives include skills in legal ethics, research, writing, problem solving, and communication. Students will participate in an internship for practical experience. Admission to this program will require students to meet the minimum course standards for other two-year technical degree programs.

Roane State’s Paralegal Studies program supports the general principles of ethical legal practice, professional responsibility, and the prohibition against the unauthorized practice of law by non-lawyers (including paralegals).

The objectives of the Paralegal Studies program are to educate and make students proficient in the following areas: legal ethics, procedural law, substantive law, and working in a legal environment.

These objectives are met by requiring students to complete (1) legal introductory courses; (2) legal specialty courses; and (3) a required internship and by exposing them to (4) quality instruction in each of these areas that promotes mastery of the procedural aspects of legal work. Upon completion of the Paralegal Studies program, students will be able to: recognize, evaluate, and appropriately respond to ethical dilemmas; perform legal research tasks; perform legal writing tasks (including pleading, briefs, correspondence, real property documents, bankruptcy documents, business organization documents, and internal memoranda); interview clients and witnesses; investigate legal matters; work closely with supervising attorneys in a wide variety of substantive legal matters; and quickly familiarize themselves with and work well in a variety of legal office settings.

After successful completion of coursework within the major, all students will be required to take a final comprehensive exam to measure program competency achievement. The exam is designed to determine to what degree students have achieved program objectives and competencies. Students should demonstrate a minimal level of competence to satisfy the requirements to graduate. Graduates of this program will be eligible to sit for the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) certified legal assistant exam.

1st Fall   Hours Term TakenGrade
ENGL 1010 Composition I 3   
LEGL 1300 Introduction to the Legal Profession and Ethics 3   
LEGL 1305 Survey of American Law 3   
LEGL 1320 Legal Research1 3   
COMM 2025 Fundamentals of Communication 3   
    TERM TOTAL 15   
Action Items       
  Aug Attend Paralegal Studies Orientation     
  Oct Meet with Success Coach or Advisor
Complete FAFSA for upcoming fall term
  Nov Register for next term     
  Dec Join Paralegal Association - See advisor for info     
1st Spring   Hours   
ENGL 1020 Composition II 3   
LEGL 1330 Legal Writing1 3   
LEGL 1360 Criminal Law 3   
LEGL 1370 Trusts and Estates 3   
MATH 1530 Introductory Statistics (Recommended) OR
Mathematics Elective OR Natural Science Elective
    TERM TOTAL 15-16   
Action Items       
  Mar Meet with Success Coach or Advisor     
  Mar Contact Program Director regarding summer internship     
  April Register for next term     
1st Summer       
LEGL 2390 Legal Internship1 3   
    TERM TOTAL 3   
2nd Fall   Hours   
INFS 1010 Computer Applications (Recommended) OR
HIMT 1300 Medical Terminology
LEGL 1340 Family Law1 3   
LEGL 1350 Torts 3   
LEGL 2380 Civil Litigation Skills I1 3   
    Humanities Elective 3   
    TERM TOTAL 15   
Action Items       
  Sept Complete Application for Graduation     
  Oct Meet with Faculty Advisor     
  Nov Register for next term     
2nd Spring   Hours   
LEGL 2315 Legal Environment of Business for Paralegals 3   
LEGL 2340 Property Law 3   
LEGL 1315 Technology in the Law Office1 3   
SOCI 1010 Introduction to Sociology (Recommended) OR
ANTH 1230 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
    TERM TOTAL 12   
Action Items       
  Feb Take Exit Exam (ETS Proficiency Profile) 
Begin review for Program Exit Review (Graduation Requirement) 
  Mar Contact advisor to complete program exit exam     
  Apr Begin job search using RaiderRecruit      
    TOTAL HOURS 60-61   

NOTE: Students must complete all Math Learning Support requirements before degree will be awarded.

1Designated as a Legal Specialty Class

Students pursuing this option will be advised by the Social Science, Business and Education Division.

The maximum number of credit hours of legal specialty courses a student may transfer to the Associate of Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies is nine (9) credit hours. The legal specialty credit hours to be transferred must have been earned from a fully accredited institution of higher learning, must have been earned through synchronous instruction, and must be  approved by the program director to ensure that the credit can be classified as legal specialty and is comparable to course work offered within the program. The Paralegal Studies program does not award legal specialty credit by examination.

Graduates of the paralegal program are encouraged to continue their education.  For more information concerning transfer of courses, please contact the program director.

This program is designed for students who plan to enter the workforce upon graduation.  Students intending to transfer to a baccalaureate program are advised that they should check with their academic advisor and the four-year institution regarding specific transfer of courses.