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Deferred Payment Plan

Deferred Payment Plan

Roane State offers the deferred payment plan for students who would be helped by paying tuition and fees in installments rather than all at once.

To participate in the deferred payment plan, students must be in good financial standing with the college.

Only students who owe at least $150 after all discounts, financial aid, and other credits have been applied to their account can choose to defer payment.

The college charges a $25 fee to participate in the deferred payment plan.

Students can choose the four-payment option or the three-payment option.

Four-payment option

Students pay tuition and fees in four equal payments.

After students make their down payment, Spring 2020 Semester due dates for remaining payments are:

Students who miss the second payment will be dropped from their classes and will be refunded the down payment

Three-payment option

After students make their down payment (half of tuition and fees), Spring 2020 Semester due dates for remaining payments are:

How to sign up

Sign up for the deferred payment plan online through RaiderNet. Go to the Student tab, and then click Account Summary to access the payment website. Enroll in the deferred payment plan and sign the agreement online.

How to pay

Payment must be made online in RaiderNet. Use a debit or credit card to make the down payment. Remaining payments will be automatically charged to that card. Payments will be charged to the card at 2 a.m. on due dates. In order to participate in the deferred payment plan, students must agree to these terms.

Students who pay remaining installments by other means are responsible for canceling previously scheduled automatic payments. Otherwise, the automatic payment will be charged.

Financial aid and other credits received after the down payment will be applied to your account, and future payments will be adjusted.


Students cannot receive refunds until all fees are paid in full.

Late fees and penalties

Students who miss a payment deadline will be charged a $25 late fee.

If a payment is not received in the Bursar's Office by a due date, the college may withhold all services from the student (including grades, transcripts and class registration for future semesters) until all fees have been paid in full.

All existing rules and policies regarding returned checks, refunds, withdrawals, dropped classes and collection costs are applicable to the deferred payment plan.

If you withdraw from classes

You will still have payments due. Adjustments to your payments will be made based on your withdrawal date.

Refunds are only issued to students if the adjusted amount they owe is less than what they have already paid.

The bottom line: Before you withdraw from classes, be sure to contact the Bursar's Office for details on whether you might be eligible for a refund and how to handle your remaining payments.

If you add classes after making your down payment

Your payment plan will be adjusted to include the additional fees.

Additional requirements

Under the deferred payment plan, prior-term balances, unless covered by a current repayment agreement, plus processing fees and non-deferrable charges must be paid in addition to the down payment.

A student who has failed to make timely payments in a previous term may be denied the right to participate in the deferred payment plan in future terms. A student who is denied participation may be allowed to participate again only after appealing ineligibility.

Appeals should be made to the Assistant Vice President for Fiscal Services.


Please contact the Bursar's Office. No agreements can be made over the phone, but the Bursar's Office staff will be happy to answer your questions.

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