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Roane State Mobile App
Roane State Mobile App
Roane State Mobile App

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Roane State has developed a mobile app that gives students touch-friendly access to Momentum courses, a mobile version of RaiderNet and many more features.

The app is available for the iPhone, Android devices and BlackBerry devices.



Surveys of Roane State students showed that when it comes to a mobile app, they wanted Momentum. Roane State’s app has it.

When students log in to Momentum through the app, they stay logged in, giving them access to their courses anytime without having to re-enter their username and password.


To change courses, tap the course title area.


To access more course content, such as discussions, tap the hammer-and-screwdriver icon. The discussion board is mobile-friendly, allowing students to post and reply to discussions on the go.


Students can choose to log out of Momentum, but otherwise, they will stay logged in.

Students also can check grades posted in Momentum.

RaiderNet Mobile

The Roane State app includes a mobile version of RaiderNet. Students can log in, check their alerts, register for classes and more. Students will be automatically logged out of RaiderNet Mobile when they go back to the app’s home screen or close the app.

Additional features

Roane State’s app also includes:

  • One-touch dialing for key student services numbers (financial aid, business office, admissions, campuses)
  • One-touch dialing for security
  • Roane State announcements
  • Roane State upcoming events
  • Employee search where students can look up contact information for faculty and staff
  • Google maps that show campus locations. When students touch a location, they can get driving directions.
  • Links to Roane State Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Link to the mobile version of the college catalog

Adding Roane State email to your phone

While not embedded in the Roane state app, students can easily add their Roane State email to the email app on their smartphones. Here is how.

Download Now:



Download the app today and let us know what you think. Please send any feedback to

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