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RSCC Catalog
RSCC Catalog
RSCC Catalog
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  Academic Regulations
  Calculating GPA

Your GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of Quality Points you earned by the number of GPA Hours you attempted in courses in which grades of A through F are assigned. Grades of I, P, S, U, and W do not have Quality Point values and are, therefore, not included in the GPA calculation.

The first two attempts of courses that have been repeated are excluded from the cumulative GPA. The third and any subsequent grades will be used in determining your GPA.

Each term, your semester and cumulative GPA will be indicated with your grades.


GPA Calculation Example
ENGL 1020 3.00 B (3.0) (3x3) 9.0
PHED 2050 1.00 A (4.0) (1x4) 4.0
MATH 1130 3.00 C (2.0) (3x2) 6.0
MUS 1030 3.00 B (3.0) (3x3) 9.0
HIST 2020 3.00 A (4.0) (3x4) 12.0
POL 101 3.00 F (0.0) (3x0) 0.0
  1. Add the GPA Hours: 3 + 1 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 16.00 hours
  2. Determine your total Quality Points:
    1. For each course, multiply the number of GPA Hours for that course times the number of Quality Points indicated on the grading scale above. Example: ENGL 1020 is a 3.0-hour course. Multiply 3.00 hours x 3.0 (the Quality Points for a B); the product will be 9.0 Quality Points earned for ENGL 1020.
    2. Add the Quality Points for all courses: 9.0 + 4.0 + 6.0 + 9.0 + 12.0 + 0 = 40.0 Quality Points.
  3. Divide the total Quality Points by the total GPA Hours to determine your GPA: 40.0 / 16 = 2.35 (GPA is carried to two decimal places, with no rounding). This is your GPA for the term.

Lottery Scholarships

The GPA used to determine your continued eligibility for Lottery Scholarships is not the same as your RSCC GPA. This is because your Lottery GPA takes into account all of your attempts at a particular course whereas your RSCC GPA does not. Please be aware that "W" (Withdrawal) grades are counted as attempted courses for Lottery Scholarship purposes, and toward the maximum hours allowed by a Hope Lottery Scholarship but are not counted in the calculation of a student's Lottery GPA.

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