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A student who fails during any term to attain a cumulative quality point average at or above the level indicated below for the GPA (Grade Point Average) hours (inclusive of any Learning Support courses) will be placed on academic probation for the following term.

GPA Semester Hours Attempted Minimum Cumulative GPA
0-12 1.25
13-18 1.50
19-23 1.75
24 or more 2.00

Academic Suspension

At the end of the following term of enrollment, a student on academic probation who has failed to attain: 1) the above cumulative standard OR 2) a 2.0 grade point average for the current term will be suspended. Students who have satisfied the 2.0 GPA but have not yet achieved the standards as listed above will remain on academic probation for subsequent terms until the standards have been achieved. Students on probation or suspension who fail to attain the cumulative standard and the 2.0 GPA for the subsequent term will be placed on suspension.

Suspension terms are as follows:

First-time suspension One term (semester)
Second suspension Two terms
Third suspension Dismissal

In all instances, the summer term does not apply as a term served for suspension. For the student who is suspended at the end of the spring semester, the following fall semester is considered to be the term of suspension.

A third suspension of “Dismissal” may be appealed to the Vice-President for Student Learning after a period of two years absence from enrollment at the college.


A student who has been academically suspended either from RSCC or is currently suspended from another college or university may request an appeal through the Admissions and Retention Committee. If the student feels that there were extenuating circumstances (e.g. errors in their transcript, documentable medical or psychological problems, court or military duty, etc.) that caused the academic problems, they may appeal to the committee for reinstatement.

To request an appeal the student must contact the Admissions and Records Office for an appointment with the committee. If the Admissions and Retention committee grants the reinstatement, the conditions imposed by the committee will be clearly stated. These may include a reduced course load, regular meetings with an advisor or counselor, and course suggestions.

Students who voluntarily serve the time imposed by their suspension will be reinstated automatically and do not need to meet with the Admissions and Retention Committee.  Their admission status will be Academic Probation for that semester.

Transfer Students

Students on academic suspension from another college or university must clearly designate this information on their application to Roane State. Falsifying this information may lead to dismissal. Transfer applicants whose last term of attendance at another institution resulted in academic suspension or dismissal and who have not served their required term(s) of suspension or dismissal, must meet with the Admissions and Retention Committee to request admission to Roane State. Meeting with the Admissions and Retention Committee is required only if application is made within two years after the academic suspension or dismissal. Transcripts from the suspended college/university are required.

While individual courses may transfer to RSCC and can count toward fulfilling degree requirements, the number of credit hours and quality points do not count toward calculating the GPA for academic probation and suspension.

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