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Be Safe at Roane State
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Disruptive Behavior Safety Information

Disruptive Behavior Safety Information

Immediate Actions

Assistance for Faculty:

  1. You have the right to teach in an environment free from class disruptions. In situations of disruptive behavior, you may instruct the student to leave the classroom.
  2. If the student does not comply, contact the Campus Police at 865-882-4500.

Assistance for Students:

  1. You have the right to learn in an environment free from class disruptions. In situations of disruptive behavior, express your concerns to your instructor first.
  2. If needed, email (this option will have a delayed response), or for urgent matters contact the Campus Police at 865-882-4500.

Learn in Advance

Roane State Policy SA-06-01 defines disruptive behavior:

Disruptive behavior in the classroom may be defined as, but not limited to, behavior that obstructs or disrupts the learning environment (e.g., offensive language, harassment of students and professors, repeated outbursts from a student which disrupt the flow of instruction or prevent concentration on the subject taught, failure to cooperate in maintaining classroom decorum, etc.), text messaging, and the continued use of any electronic or other noise or light emitting device which disturbs others (e.g., disturbing noises from beepers, cell phones, palm pilots, lap-top computers, games, etc.).

Retrieved 5/19/2017

RSCC Catalog, "Academic and Classroom Misconduct" explains the responsibility to control classroom behavior:

1. The instructor has the primary responsibility for maintenance of academic integrity and controlling classroom behavior, and can order the temporary removal or exclusion from the classroom of any student engaged in disruptive conduct or conduct that violates the general rules and policies of the institution for each class session during which the conduct occurs. Extended or permanent exclusion from the classroom, beyond the session in which the conduct occurred, or further disciplinary action can be effected only through appropriate procedures of the institution.

Retrieved 6/27/2017

RSCC Catalog, "Cell Phone Use" forbids cell phone use in classrooms:

The use of cell phones or pagers within the classroom setting is expressly prohibited. All cell phones and pagers should be placed on silent mode, put away, and kept out of sight for the duration of the class.

Retrieved 7/13/2017

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