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Radiologic Technology Graduate Survey

Radiologic Technology Graduate Survey


Please respond to the following questions as they relate to your education experiences while in the Radiographer Technologist program at Roane State Community College.

Please note that responses are confidential and for purpose of program evaluation & accreditation as well as the college placement report. Thank you for your time and prompt response.

1. Please select the category that best describes your status after graduation:

Enrolled in a college or university
Employed full-time: In RAD field
Employed full-time: Outside RAD field
Employed part-time
Unemployed and not seeking employment by choice (due to family or medical condition preventing me to work)
Unemployed but actively seeking employment (contact the Placement Office or email for job search assistance)

2. Employment Information:

Employer Name (if self-employed, please write “self”)
Employer Address
City State Zip
Phone Job Title Supervisor’s Name

3. In what clinical area(s) are you working?

Clinical instruction
Diagnostic radiography
Magnetic resonance
Nuclear medicine
Physician's office/clinic
Quality assurance
Radiation therapy

4. Do you feel you were prepared to assume your initial entry-level job requirements?

No - Explain

5. What additional instruction, if any, was provided to you by your employer to prepare for an entry-level position?

6. Your overall rating of your educational experience as it relates to your entry-level job responsibilities:

Very Good
Below Average

7. What suggestions would you like to contribute for consideration for program improvement?

8. Would you recommend the RSCC program to a friend?

No - Explain

9. Did your rotations through various clinical sites with a variety of imaging equipment increase your opportunity for:

10. Have you pursued or do you plan to pursue any specialized education opportunities? 

Yes No If yes, explain:

11. How much time elapsed between completion of the program and initial employment if you were seeking employment and not full-time in another educational institution?

12. Are you a member of the TSRT? Yes No ASRT? Yes No

13. Are you taking courses towards a four-year degree? Yes No

    If yes, where?       What Major?

14. Are you a full-time student in another imaging modality? Yes No

          If yes, which modality?

15. When rating the subject areas covered within the curriculum, circle the number corresponding to your level of preparation upon completion of the program.

          (1) Not at all (2) Below average (3) Average (4) Above average (5) Exceptional

    1 2 3 4 5
a. Preparation to use oral and written medical language.
b. Establishment of skills for patient care, safety and comfort.
c. Knowledge of principle theories that apply to effects of radiation exposure and methods of personnel and patient protection.
d. Knowledgeable selection of exposure factors as they relate to varying influences from equipment, pathology, or patient conditions.
e. Knowledge of processing system: film, CR, DR
f. Determination of image quality and any changes needed for acceptable radiographs.
g. Utilization of correct positioning techniques for normal and unusual situations.
h. Integrated knowledge of anatomy and physiology with radiographic procedures.
i. Knowledge of physics theory as it relates to the production and interaction of radiation.
j. Preparation to take the ARRT examination.

 If you have any other comments about your experience at RSCC, please comment below.

Thank you for completing this survey.


Kim B. Harris • 882-4695 • Click name for email address

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