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Required on campus: face covering and wellness screening.Required on campus: face covering and wellness screening.
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Graduation Exit Exams
Don't delay your future! Apply now! Register for online or traditional classes.Don't delay your future! Apply now!. Register for online or traditional classes.
Tennessee Reconnect and Promise. Graduating high school seniors can attend tuition-free. Free tuition for adults.Tennessee Reconnect and Promise. Graduating high school seniors can attend tuition-free. Free tuition for adults.
Online degrees available. Choose from six completely online programs.Online degrees available. Choose from six completely online programs.

Graduation Exit Exams

Completion of one or more of the Graduation Exit Exams are required in order to receive your diploma!

*** Graduation Exit Exams MUST be taken the semester you are graduating, not before. ***


Beginning September 1, 2020, students who have filed their FALL 2020 Intent to Graduate are eligible to take the Graduation Exit Exam. If you will be graduating any semester OTHER than FALL 2020, please do not schedule for a test at this time. 

To schedule a testing session, please email Jill Robbins at from your RSCC EMAIL ACCOUNT with the following information:


Once you have been approved for testing, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the Exit Exam online. Make sure to read the instructions carefully. The exam is only available via a PC, laptop or iPad. 

If you do not have access to a computer or internet OR you prefer to test on campus, arrangements can be made, please email Jill Robbins to request an on campus test. 

ETS Proficiency Profile (Graduation Exit Exam)

Each graduating student is required by the Tennessee Board of Regents to take a test of general competency. The ETS Proficiency Profile is a test of college-level skills in reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematics designed to measure the academic skills developed through general education courses, rather than the subject knowledge specifically taught in those courses. This test does not affect one's graduating status; rather it is a measure of how well Roane State educates its students. Students are encouraged to do their best since Roane State's evaluation and future funding are based on student performance. Students are advised that failure to meet this graduation requirement will result in having the student's diploma held until this condition is met.

Business Graduate Exam (BGE)

The BGE is taken as part of the BUSN 2399 Management Seminar class. This course should be taken during the final year of coursework and/or after the completion of ENGL 1010, ACCT 1010, BUSN 1305, BUSN 1380 and BUSN 2380 (or at least 3 of the Contemporary Managements courses (MGT 200, 201, 203, 205, 206, 207). The BGE consists of 40 multiple choice questions and is taken online at a Roane State Testing Center. There is no study guide for this exam.

AAS Criminal Justice Graduate Exam (CJGE)

All Criminal Justice students seeking an Associate of Applied Science degree must take the ETS Proficiency Profile Exam and the Criminal Justice Graduate Exit Exam prior to receiving a diploma.

You must first file an Intent to Graduate and allow time for review and approval. Once your Intent to Graduate form has been approved, you can take the CJGE. You must take your CJGE at the Harriman or Oak Ridge campus as it requires a password only known by Testing Center employees.

The CJGE consists of 80 multiple choice questions covering the subject areas of: Introduction to Criminal Justice, Introduction to Law Enforcement, Introduction to Corrections and Introduction to the Legal Process. There is no study guide for this exam. Please allow yourself 1 hour for the ETS Exit Exam and approximately 2 hours for the Criminal Justice Exam.

Should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Jill Robbins at


Jill M Robbins • (865) 354-3000 ext. 4804 • Click name for email address

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