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RSCC Policy AA-04-01; Faculty Appointment and Salaries

RSCC Policy AA-04-01; Faculty Appointment and Salaries

Roane State Community College
Policy Number: AA-04-01
Subject: Faculty Appointment and Salaries

Within the guidelines established by the Tennessee Board of Regents, faculty members are appointed at a salary consistent with academic preparation and number of years' experience. Recommendations for salary increases are made on an annual basis and are a function of the TBR and legislative funding determinations.

Faculty members are usually employed on an academic year basis beginning with the notification from the Vice President for Student Learning for the fall term and continuing through graduation day without obligation for, or guarantee of, summer school employment. Salaries for the academic year are paid in twelve separate checks, beginning August 31 and ending July 31.

If a faculty member on an academic year contract is granted leave without pay or if employment is voluntarily terminated during the academic year contract period, the salary adjustment will be made as follows:

The employee's full academic term salary will be determined by dividing the annual (academic year) salary by the number of terms in the academic year. This will then be reduced by an amount equal to the number of work days absent, divided by the number of work days in a particular term, times the term salary.

Conditions for Salary Determination

Initial rank is negotiable based upon experience and education.

Credit for Prior Experience

Credit for prior experience as listed here is allowed only for salary considerations, not for tenure purposes.

Non-teaching related experience Full credit
Teaching experience for High School/College Full credit
Teaching experience for Elementary or below Half credit allowed unless directly related; then full credit allowed
Part-time experience The total part-time credit hours taught will be divided by 30, rounded to nearest whole number, to equal the number of years granted

Any exceptions to this guide must be approved by the president in advance.

Faculty compensation for teaching credit courses as an overload will be made in accordance with TBR Guideline P-055.

Note: TBR policy 5:02:02:00 was replaced with 5:02:07:00 on 04/04/2004.

Revision History: 09/13/1996, 09/29/2007, 03/03/2014
TBR Policy Reference: 5:02:07:00
TBR Guideline Reference: P-055
Revision Date Effective: 03/03/2014
Revision Approval By: Sherry L. Hoppe, President
Original Date Effective: 01/11/1988
Original Approval By: Cuyler A. Dunbar, President
Office Responsible: Vice President Student Learning
Reviewed: 06/22/2017

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