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RSCC Policy BA-06-01; Motor Vehicles

Roane State Community College
Policy Number: BA-06-01
Subject: Motor Vehicles
  1. Policy
    This policy establishes minimum regulations and procedures for the operation of state owned motor vehicles by RSCC employees.
  2. Definitions
    1. "State Vehicle" - Any motor vehicle owned, purchased or leased by institutional funds.
    2. "Institution" - Roane State Community College.
    3. "Employee" - Any person employed full or part-time by the institution.
  3. General Provisions
    1. Motor vehicles are maintained at the institution to facilitate the official business of the college. It is the responsibility of all employees who use these vehicles to ensure the efficient and economical utilization of such vehicles.
    2. All state vehicles shall be used in accordance with the provisions of this policy.
    3. Use of tobacco products in state vehicles is prohibited.
    4. Employees using state vehicles should notify the Physical Plant of any problems encountered with the operation of the vehicle.
    5. Operators are invited to complete and return a Motor Pool Questionnaire upon return of the vehicle to the Physical Plant.
    6. The employee checking out the vehicle is responsible for its condition upon return. Trash should be removed from the vehicle upon return to the Physical Plant.
  4. Motor Pools
    1. The college maintains a central Motor Pool from which vehicles may be dispatched for official college business.
    2. An employee who needs to use a motor vehicle on state business may use a pool-dispatched vehicle if one is available. Use of motor pool vehicles will be charged back to the user's budget account at a pre-established mileage rate.
    3. Motor Pool vehicles shall be used for official business only and not for commuting purposes or personal business.
  5. Authorized Operators and Passengers
    1. Only employees of the college with proper departmental authorization may operate a state vehicle. Work-study students may be permitted to operate a state vehicle, although, this should be kept to a minimum.
    2. All employees and/or work-study students must have a valid driver’s license to operate a state vehicle.
    3. Passengers in state vehicles shall be limited to the following:
      1. Employees of the institution when within the scope of employment.
      2. Students of the institution engaged in institutional sponsored activities.
      3. Other persons when necessary to accompany an employee on official business or as a guest of the college.
  6. Scheduling Motor Pool Vehicles
    1. Vehicles may be scheduled by calling the Physical Plant Secretary at extension 4565.
    2. Schedule vehicles as far in advance as possible, but not to exceed 90 days.
    3. Travel authorization forms must be completed and approved before scheduling a vehicle.
    4. Normally, vehicles are scheduled on a first come, first served basis; however, college activities have priority.
  7. Penalties for Misuse of Vehicles
    1. Employees who misuse vehicles will be subject to disciplinary sanctions, depending upon the magnitude of the misuse and the frequency with which it has occurred. Misuse includes any of the following:
      1. Moving violations of traffic laws.
      2. Careless operation that results in damage to the vehicle or property or injury to persons.
      3. Use of a vehicle for personal business or unauthorized commuting purposes.
      4. Use of a vehicle contrary to the provisions of this policy.
    2. The president of the institution shall determine the penalty appropriate for each violation; and in addition may require the employee to pay for any damages to the vehicle caused by misuse.
  8. Accident Regulations
    Should an accident occur while an employee or work-study student is driving a state vehicle, the driver should follow the same procedure that would be followed with a privately owned automobile. The proper local authorities should be contacted and the necessary accident report form filed. In the vehicle folder of each state vehicle is a sheet which outlines steps to be taken by the driver at the scene of the accident. The state manual contains a two-page sample of the accident information, which must be filled out at the scene of the accident. This report must be filed with the Business Office immediately upon return to campus. A copy must also be filed with the Human Resource office. The report must contain information regarding:
    1. Any injuries that might have occurred and the nature of injuries, if ascertainable.
    2. The nature, the location, and the description of the accident including drawing, vehicular involvement, driving condition, etc.
    3. The individual responsible for the accident.
    4. The estimated damage and cost of repair.
    5. The date, place and time of the accident and with whom the official accident report was filed.
    6. Any other information pertinent to the situation, such as weather conditions, traffic flow, time of day, etc.
  9. Liability
    1. Appropriate Accident Report forms for filing a claim with the State Board of Claims Office are available from the Human Resource Office.
    2. MAKE NO COMMITMENTS OF RESPONSIBILITY at the time of the accident. The State Board of Claims and the Roane State employee's personal insurance is at present the coverage for state vehicles.
    3. Any college employee who travels frequently in a state vehicle is urged to add a rider to his/her personal policy to insure him/her against liability while driving a state owned vehicle.

Revision History: 04/22/1996, 01/24/2000, 11/14/2002
TBR Policy Reference:
Revision Date Effective: 11/14/2002
Revision Approval By: Wade B. McCamey, President
Original Date Effective: 01/11/1988
Original Approval By: Cuyler A. Dunbar, President
Office Responsible: Vice President for Business & Finance
Reviewed: 08/24/2017

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