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RSCC Policy GA-17-01; Telephone Usage
RSCC Policy GA-17-01; Telephone Usage
Roane State Community College
Policy Number: GA-17-01
Subject: Telephone Usage

Telephone use is for college business purposes only. Telephones are not to be used for personal long-distance calls unless made via credit card or collect. Personal local calling should also be kept to a minimum because of a limited number of outside telephone lines.

An employee must complete a Telephone Services Request Order form to add a new service or modify an existing service. Periodically the appropriate budget account will be charged for certain telephone services, including but not limited to, installing or moving an extension. These forms are available at all switchboard areas and from the telephone services web page.

For long distance and directory assistance (billable) calls made through the Main Campus lines, authorization codes must be used. The authorization codes charge billable calls directly to individual budget accounts as applicable. The Knox County center is charged to individual budget accounts based on the phone line used.

Telephone Long Distance Authorization Codes are assigned and approved by Telephone Services. A Telephone Services Request form must be completed to be assigned an access code. It is the employee's responsibility to keep any and all authorization codes secure.

Unauthorized and/or personal long-distance calling at college expense will result in (at minimum) a formal reprimand and repayment of charges to the college. If unauthorized usage continues, employment may be terminated. If authorization codes need to be changed due to security violation, call Telephone Services (ext. 4698) for a new code assignment promptly. Requests made via the telephone must be supplemented by a Telephone Services Request Order form. Budget accounts will be charged for telephone calls made by anyone using assigned authorization codes.

Switchboard operators are prohibited from accepting collect calls. Since the college has an incoming 800 number (800-343-9104), there is no need for collect calls. Collect calls will only be accepted if a written request, approved by the president, is on file in Telephone Services.

Telephone sets are inventoried periodically by Telephone Services. Missing sets will be the responsibility of the budget manager. Damage to telephone sets through negligence or deliberate action will result in, at minimum, a formal reprimand and payment to the college for the replacement of set(s).

Classroom phones are to be used ONLY to call the following numbers: Security, Assistant Vice President of Student Services/Dean of Students, the switchboard for emergency assistance, Audio-Visual Services, and HELP Desk for technical support. No out-going calls are to be placed via the switchboard operator or via other college personnel using these phones. Classrooms are not to be interrupted by in-coming calls. Students are not to use classroom telephones. Students should use the courtesy phones for local calling.

Revision History: 07/01/1990, 05/04/1996, 02/07/2000, 11/10/2008
Revision Date Effective: 11/10/2008
Revision Approval By: Gary Goff, President
Original Date Effective: 01/11/1988
Original Approval By: Cuyler A. Dunbar, President
Office Responsible: Executive Vice President for Business & Finance
Reviewed: 06/05/2014

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