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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

According to Federal Regulations to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress, a student must maintain the following:

  • GPA: Must have a cumulative Roane State Community College GPA of 2.0;
  • PACE: Must have earned 67% of all attemped hours that apply to your program of study (including Learning Support). Only grades of A, B, C, D are counted as “earned hours”. Grades of W, I, FA, and AU are counted as “attempted hours”.
  • Cannot exceed 90 attempted college credit hours if working towards an associate degree or 150% of attempted hours required to complete your certificate program. Once a degree or certificate is earned or the financial aid office becomes aware that a student has completed all the requirements for their declared program of study, their eligibility stops.*

* Includes all hours from Roane State or any other college/university attended that apply to a student's program of study even if the student did not receive financial aid for those courses.

*If a student is on an approved appeal for MAXHOURS, Financial Aid will not pay for repeated courses.

If it is determined that it is mathematically impossible for a student to regain good standing (2.0 GPA and passing 67% of all attempted hours that apply to your program of study) upon graduation, the SAP appeal will be denied. 

Any student that does not meet the above criteria at the end of each spring semester has failed to meet SAP. Students will be notified through an alert in the student portal, Raidernet. No federal or state awards (including student loans) may be received during this time. At any time it is determined that a student cannot complete their program within maximum timeframe, the student will be set to MAXHRS.


If there were circumstances beyond a student's control OUTSIDE the classroom that caused failure to meet SAP, they may appeal.

Examples of circumstances beyond a student's control are:

  • Loss or change of job
  • Serious illness of self or an immediate family member
  • Death of an immediate family member
  • Military
  • Car problems
  • Family Issues (Divorce, Separation, Childcare, etc)

To appeal, the student will complete the SAP Appeal form in RaiderNet, submit documentation that supports the outstanding circumstances that were experienced and be enrolled.

A student's status will be reviewed in the following semester to determine if they are now in good standing. If not in good standing, they must be enrolled in required courses for their declared major. We encourage students to work with their Advisors as they plan their schedule.

Please be advised that if a student has been approved for a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (SAP) and does a total withdrawal, officially or unofficially, the appeal is voided and the student must REAPPEAL.

Our goal is to review appeals in a timely manner. An email response will be sent to the student's RaiderNet e-mail account if the appeal is approved. If the appeal is denied, a frontline staff member or a student's Succes Coach will contact the student.

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