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Engineering Department

Are you the type of person who wants to be able to have an interesting and enjoyable job helping to meet the needs of people in society. Would you like to know that your college education will provide you with the widest range of opportunities, excellent pay, and very little possibility of becoming obsolete or needing to start over. Then engineering is for you.

What is Engineering?

Engineering is the use of mathematics and science to help meet the needs of society. It typically takes four to six years after completing high school to complete the education needed to be able to do engineering work. The four major types of engineering are Chemical, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. Many other types such as Aerospace, Agricultural, Biomedical, Environmental, Industrial, Nuclear, are specialties within the major types or some combination of the major types. All types of engineering require a core set of communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills which are taught primarily in the first two to three years of college. Students that already have acquired some of these skills while they were in high school usually need two or less years of pre engineering college courses. These courses can all be taken at Roane State community college before transferring to a chosen university or college which offers the desired engineering specialty program.

What Do Engineers Do?

Engineers use mathematics and science to help meet the needs of society. An engineering education prepares people for the broadest possible opportunities for employment. Business, industry, and government organizations vigorously recruit engineering graduates to work as engineers, technical managers, computer systems designers and administrators, teachers and training planners and coordinators, researchers, systems analysts, product development and designers, etceteras. Engineering is also recognized as excellent preparation for medical schools and law schools. Engineering graduates are also recruited by Graduate Schools of Business, Sciences, Mathematics, etceteras. All types of employers recognize that people with an engineering degree can quickly teach themselves whatever they need to know to help the organization solve problems. Since the ability to create teams of problem solvers is critical to any employer's success they recognize the need to hire engineers even if their business does not specifically require engineers. In this information age of world wide web computer based businesses and organizations, the need for people with the highly versatile and flexible education of engineering is increasing almost as rapidly as the use of the internet.

Engineering is for Anyone

Since engineering is the use of mathematics and science to help meet the needs of society, anyone that learns to use mathematics and science can become an engineer and find a job that pays them well to do what they like to do.

The needs of society include such obvious things as safe food, clean water, clean air, shelter, clothing, communication, transportation, medical care, and energy. However, this is only the starting point. Other needs of society are such things as games, toys, music, art, entertainment, telephones, radio, television, government, education, fire protection, police, military, and many, many more. In fact, if you can think of a need of society which you would like to work on solving, it is very likely that you could find a job in which you would be paid to work on meeting that need if you had an engineering education.

Women and men are equally capable of learning to use mathematics and science, therefore, engineering is for both women and men. Roane State students have sometimes been told that they could not become engineers because their math and or science skills were not already good enough. This is not true. If you are willing to work on learning what you need, you can obtain the needed math and science skills. Several of our Roane State students have started out taking Learning Support math courses when they began their engineering education and were willing to stick with the needed work until they could learn the needed math and science to become engineers. These students are now working as very successful Engineers.

Why Choose Pre-Engineering at RSCC

Roane State Pre-Engineering is Top Quality Engineering Education



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