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Move Forward. Don't delay your future! Apply now! Register for online or traditional classes.Move Forward. Don't delay your future! Apply now!. Register for online or traditional classes.
Tennessee Reconnect and Promise. Graduating high school seniors can attend tuition-free. Free tuition for adults.Tennessee Reconnect and Promise. Graduating high school seniors can attend tuition-free. Free tuition for adults.
Online degrees available. Choose from six completely online programs.Online degrees available. Choose from six completely online programs.

Ways to Earn Credit

The following explains ways in which enrolled students may receive credit other than taking the specific course(s) at RSCC. A grade of "P" for passing will be assigned to any credit earned through PLA. No quality points will be assigned for such coursework, and coursework earned through this method will not be used in calculating the students grade point average (GPA).

There is a maximum alternative credit allowed limit.

What is PLA?

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a method of evaluating what you have learned outside of school for college credit. Your past experiences and knowledge (from work, hobbies, volunteering, and other sources) may be shown to be equal to what you could learn in a college classroom. If you can demonstrate this knowledge at the college level, then you could be awarded college credit for what you already know.

Students generally demonstrate their knowledge in one of three ways: credit by assessment, credit recommendation for past training, and portfolio assessments.

PLA is not...

PLA is not automatic credit for past experiences. We have all had many experiences in our lives, but many of them do not deserve college credit. Furthermore, students cannot simply turn in resumes or work histories and expect to be awarded credit. Students must prove that they have learned something and prove that what they have learned is at the college level. In many cases the faculty and staff at colleges can help you determine if your knowledge is at college level. It is also important to understand that the burden of proof is in the student to prove that they deserve credit, whether this means passing a test or discussing the knowledge they have gained in a written portfolio. Furthermore, the credit must be relevant to the degree that you wish to earn.

Portfolio Assessment

At Roane State, students may submit a portfolio for trainings and documented life and or work experience in the field in which they are pursuing a degree. The credit earned is called experiential credit. There is a $45 assessment fee, and a charge of $15 per credit hour. The total charge for experiential credit is not to exceed $90.


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