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Academic Programs and Majors
Academic Programs and Majors
Academic Programs and Majors

Roane State has a variety of innovative programs to serve your needs.  Get started by choosing your educational path:

Transfer Pathways

I want to earn an Associate of Art or Science from Roane State and then transfer to a university.

Career Pathways

I want to earn an Associate of Applied Science or a Technical Certificate from Roane State and then enter the workforce.

Online Degrees

I want to take all my classes online and graduate with a degree or certificate from Roane State.

Are you undecided about your career goal?  Our career counselors can help you decide.

University Transfer Programs

Students who desire to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree at a four-year college or university may complete the first two years of study at Roane State by enrolling in an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree program.

Option 1: Tennessee Transfer Pathways

If you plan to transfer to a Tennessee public university, and intend on choosing one of the following majors, then you should follow one of these degree pathways. You are guaranteed that all those courses will count toward that university major. (

Associate of Art (A.A.) Associate of Science (A.S.) Associate of Fine Arts (A.F.A.)

Art (Studio)
Criminal Justice
Economics ETSU
Economics UOM
Economics UTK
Foreign Language
Mass Communications
Political Science
Theatre Arts

Business Administration
Civil Engineering
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Economics Business
Economics MTSU
Economics UTC
Engineering Mechanical
Exercise Science

Information Systems
Mass Communications
Political Science
Pre Occupational Therapy
Pre Physical Therapy
Pre-Health Professions
Theatre Arts


Option 2: Articulation Agreements and Course Equivalency Tables

Roane State's Articulation Agreements have been developed with many colleges and universities for a variety of different majors. Check these out if not following Option 1.

Option 3: Roane State Transfer Programs

If you will be transferring out of state, transferring to a private university, or otherwise wish to choose a major not listed above, select from the options below.  It is especially important to see your academic advisor if following this option so that your plans can be made early.

Associate of Art (A.A.)
General/Undecided, Computer Art and Design, Music, Social Work

Associate of Science (A.S.)
General/Undecided, Agriculture, Computer Art and Design, Early Childhood Education, Forestry, Music, Pre-Engineering, Physical Science, Pre-Law, Pre-Nursing, Secondary Education, Special Education, Social Work, Wildlife and Fisheries

Associate of Science in Teaching (A.S.T.)
This is designed for students who wish to complete the first two years of a program toward teacher certification in K-6 (elementary education) and then transfer to a Tennessee Board of Regents University for the completion of their four year degree.

Help/Contact Us

Choosing your transfer option is a big decision! If you're having trouble deciding, we would love to help find the option that's best for you. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Note:  Program requirements vary at four-year institutions.  You should check with your senior institution about specific courses to take.  Roane State has minimum degree requirements for A.A./A.S. For more information see the University Transfer Programs section in the catalog.


Regents Online Campus Collaborative

Roane State is one of the state colleges participating in Regents Online Campus Collaborative (ROCC), a unique program which enables students to earn a degree 100 percent online.

Regents Online students are Roane State students. You must meet all of the same admission requirements as any on-campus student.

View the online degree programs.

Learn how to get started!




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