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Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance (TECTA)
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Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance (TECTA)

Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance (TECTA)


  • If you would be willing to show your support for TECTA and the valuable training that it's given to you or your staff please contact for further information. We would love to hear 'success stories' or stories on how TECTA has change the way you work or helped your child care facility become the best that they can be! Thank you for your support!
  • For more information on the CDA process, please attend one of our next CDA Workgroups. Please email or call 865-481-2034 for the exact room number location and dates.

TECTA is a statewide system established to provide affordable professional development with academic degree credit possibilities for Tennessee's early childhood education personnel. The TECTA system is funded through and dependent upon annual grants from the Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) to Tennessee State University (TSU) Center of Excellence for Learning Sciences.

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TECTA Student Success Story: Kellie Cole

Kellie Cole

"The TECTA Program has be instrumental in my success at Roane State Community College. I completed TECTA Orientation in the summer of 2017 and then went on to complete my CDA and Technical Certificate. In December 2019, I will graduate Roane State with my Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. All of this would have not been possible without the help and support of the TECTA staff. They have helped me become a better teacher and achieve my educational and professional goals. I will forever be grateful for the help I received from TECTA and the TECTA staff." - Kellie Cole

TECTA Student Success Story: Tiffany Mason

"Hello, my name is Tiffany Mason and I am an early childhood educator. I first came into this career choice in 2016. When I first started, I heard the name TECTA through around many times but never thought much of it. Then, in the summer of 2017, I attended a TECTA orientation and it completely changed my life. TECTA has helped me through my CDA, my technical, and now I am only weeks from my associate degree. I fully believe without TECTA I would not have made it so far. The ladies in the office have always been so helpful, no matter if it’s a question about courses or just a confidence boost when thinking I can’t do it. Any time I have needed anything, a book, a simple fee paid, or maybe a question answered, they are quick to help. The courses and orientation have been very helpful to my job and I have taken many things away from them to implement in my classroom. They have helped me succeed by believing in me even when I am unable to believe in myself. TECTA has brought me further than I could ever have imagined being and they have helped mold me into a better teacher. For that I am forever grateful." - Tiffany Mason

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TECTA at RSCC is funded by Center of Excellence for Learning Sciences at Tennessee State University through a contract with the Department of Human Services.

Tennessee State University Center of Excellence for Learning Services

For more information on additional TECTA sites and resources, please visit our state website at

Please visit the TECTA at RSCC facebook page.


Emily F Belitz • (865) 354-3000 ext. 2244 • Click name for email address

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