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Instructions for Oak Ridge Equipment and Facilities

Instructions for Oak Ridge Equipment and Facilities

Building Controls

Posting on Oak Ridge Campus Bulletin Boards

IDEA Rooms, Multimedia Equipment and Momentum/D2L

If you are unfamiliar with the equipment in your classroom, please contact the Help Desk and schedule an appointment with a technician.

The Center for Teaching Arts & Technology (CTAT) provides training and support for Momentum/D2L, the College’s learning management system.  CTAT is also available to help incorporate technology and multimedia into face-to-face, hybrid, and online classes.


Copiers & Scanning

Telephone & Fax

Wireless Internet

Audio-visual or Instructional Equipment Loans

Key Request Form

Oak Ridge Campus Letterhead

Basic Copier Instructions

If you have any trouble with the copiers, please contact the Oak Ridge Front Line Staff or call extension 2999.

Your copy code number (provided by your Division) will work with all Oak Ridge copiers. Our copiers will copy, print and scan to RSCC email addresses.  The Coffey-McNally downstairs and Goff third floor copiers will automatically hole-punch copies.

After you log into the copier, pressing the "Help" button will access step-by-step illustrated instructions for common copier tasks.  Please note that the USB drives on the copiers are disabled for security reasons.

Scanning on the Copiers

You will use the Send button for all scanning.  For those of you who were used to using the fax/email button, it will not do anything anymore. The copiers will send the scanned document to your email as an attachment.  The default format is a .PDF but you may choose other formats from the scanning menu (you may also use the Help button).

Please note that you may scan in color, but you cannot PRINT or COPY in color.

To find a name in the Ext Address Book (Coffey McNally machines) or RSCC (Goff machines):

  1. Press the Search button (to the middle right of the screen).
  2. At the upper left of the screen, press the Address Book button to get a pull-down menu.
  3. Select Ext Address Book/RSCC.
  4. Press the Search button to the right of the screen.
  5. The leftmost top button will give you options to search on (full name, username, email address).  There are some other search options but they should not be necessary.  The address book that is being searched should only show RSCC employees, not students.
  6. Enter your search word in the appropriate box(es).
  7. Check the box to the right of the desired name.
  8. Press the “Next” button at the lower right of the screen.

To add your name to the local Address Book on the copier:
You must do this for each copier separately.  You may add your name manually or not at all, but finding your name in the Ext Address Book and then adding it to the Local Address Book is probably easiest if you do a lot of scanning.

  1. Follow the search steps above to find and select your name.
  2. At the lower right of the screen, you will press a button that says Add to Machine Address Book.
  3. Press the Next button at the lower right of the screen.
  4. This will take you to a screen that will ask you if you want to Add (default) or Replace the name.  If you are replacing an entry (for instance, your name changed or you made a typo when manually adding a name) pressing the replace option will take you to a screen where you will choose which address you are replacing.
  5. Press the Save button at the lower right of the screen.
  6. Press Yes in the pop-up prompt.

Printer and Copier Names

Please secure any confidential information you print as soon as possible.  If you have any trouble with the printers, please contact the Help Desk.

When printing to copiers, you must input your copy code when prompted.  You may send an entire copy job directly to these copiers to be printed, collated and stapled.

Here is where your document will go when you print to a particular printer name:

Coffey-McNally Building

  • Downstairs Faculty Printer:  ORFAC1P1
  • Downstairs Copier A:  ORB117MFP1
  • Downstairs Copier B:  ORB117MFP2
  • Upstairs Faculty Printer:  ORFAC2P1
  • Upstairs Copier C:  ORFAC2MFP1
  • Upstairs Copier D:  ORFAC2MFP2

Goff Building

  • First Floor Faculty Printer: ORGB122P1
  • First Floor Copier E:  ORGB122MFP1
  • Second Floor Faculty Printer: ORGB213P1
  • Second Floor Copier F:  ORGB213MFP1
  • Third Floor Faculty Printer: ORG311P1
  • Third Floor Copier G:  ORGB311MFP1

Trouble with the printers?  Please contact the Help Desk  or call extension 4357 (H-E-L-P).

Sending and Receiving Faxes at Oak Ridge

Sending Faxes from Your Outlook Email Client

This is the most secure way to send a fax.  You may now use your Outlook email client to send any Microsoft Office document, PDF, or image file as a fax to an external (non-RSCC) number. Follow the steps below to send it as a fax to a fax number.

  1. Open a new email and add the files as an attachment.
  2. Use the body of the email as a cover page.
  3. In the ‘To’ field, type an 8, (followed by a 1 if the recipient's telephone number is long distance; skip the 1 if the call is local), followed by the area code and phone number of the fax recipient, finally followed by @rscc.fax.
  • Long distance example: 818654812000@rscc.fax
  • Local example:  88654812000@rscc.fax

Manually Sending and Receiving Faxes from the Oak Ridge Fax Machine in A-110 (Mailroom)

  1. Place your originals face down on the document tray at the back of the machine.
  2. Press the Hook button.
  3. Dial 9 + 1 + AREA CODE + Number.
  4. Wait to hear a long beep, then press the green Start button.

Please note that ALL outgoing calls must dial '1' and then an area code, whether local or long-distance.

Incoming faxes will come to the fax machine in A-110 (865/481-2019).  Incoming faxes should include your name and program/division.  Faxes will periodically be put in mailboxes, or you may check the machine when you check your mailbox.

Audio-visual or Instructional Equipment Loans

If you need equipment only for one class or a few classes, you can schedule your class as an extra activity in a classroom that has the proper equipment OR stop by the Oak Ridge Library to check out equipment on a daily basis.  Currently, the Oak Ridge Library has the following available:

  • 2 televisions with DVD/VCR
  • 1 television with Beta video player
  • 1 large-screen television with DVD/VCR
  • 2 multimedia projectors
  • 1 laptop (to be used with the multimedia projectors)
  • 2 overhead projectors
  • 2 large cassette/CD/radio players
  • 1 small cassette player/recorder
  • 1 slide projector
  • 5 slide carousels
  • 1 video camera (requires video tape)
  • 1 tripod for video camera

If you need training or set-up assistance, you must contact the Help Desk ( or extension 4357).  The Library is not able to provide technical assistance.

If you need particular equipment for every class that is not provided in your classroom, contact the Help Desk about getting your classroom set up with the equipment you need.

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