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Pay-it-Forward Programs for Financial Assistance

Pay-it-Forward Programs for Financial Assistance

The Pay-it-Forward program* is intended to provide aid to students who have encountered a life event or other significant limitation that would potentially prevent them from continuing their education. It is for students who truly want to complete college but, due to unexpected circumstances, would not be able to complete without a hand up. The students who receive this assistance must submit a well written thank you letter to the Foundation and a picture of themselves for the purposes of thanking Foundation donors who make this program possible. They are also signing an agreement to pay their award amount back (“Pay It Forward”) to the Foundation when they are gainfully employed and able to make a contribution to help other Roane State students with similar needs through this program in the future.

Approximately $40,000 was awarded from the Pay-it-Forward program during the 2018-19 academic year.

*Funds for all Pay-It-Forward programs are provided through donations from faculty, staff, and external benefactors through the Foundation. All Pay-It-Forward programs are considered on a case by case basis and are based on funds available.

Student Emergency Aid

Emergency aid is available for students who have unforeseen financial stress come upon them in the course of a semester. This could result in an unexpected expense occurring that will keep the student from continuing to attend class; i.e. vehicle break-down, loss of income, etc.
The amount of emergency awards will be determined on a case by case basis and are limited to a maximum of $500 per student annually.


  1. Car repairs
  2. Gasoline
  3. Child Care (limited duration)
  4. Utility Bills
  5. Other items as approved

Not covered:

  1. Medical Bill
  2. Dentistry
  3. Glasses
  4. Medicine
  5. Tuition

Finish Line Scholarships

This assistance is available to all students who are in the final semester of classes to complete a degree or certificate at RSCC and have extinguished federal and state aid or are not eligible for other assistance to cover their fees. Finish Line scholarships are to help the students with their tuition and fees. The classes covered must be required classes for completion. The Foundation will determine amount to be awarded based upon amount of additional financial aid student is receiving, balance due, and other circumstances.

Licensure & Certification Exam Fees

Financial assistance is available to students of any program requiring licensure or certification. Applications for this assistance should be completed by the appropriate faculty member, student, and then must be approved by the program Dean, before forwarding requests to the Foundation staff for review and payment arrangement.

Policies and Agreements

Required Pay-It-Forward application forms are to be completed by appropriate Roane State faculty or staff member, signed by the student, and then submitted to the Foundation for final review. There are specific requirements for each, and students must submit a well written thank you letter and picture to the Foundation upon being granted the award.

Special Note to College Personnel: Before completing any forms for submission, please make sure you have read the appropriate policy and follow the Foundation Board’s guidelines. Please do not send students to the Foundation office to complete these forms; awardees must be recommended or nominated by appropriate Roane State faculty or staff members. Thank you for all you do for Roane State students, and for helping to connect students to these resources when needed.



Please follow instructions completely on the form and call or email us with any questions.


Would you like to donate to Pay-It-Forward? Or specifically to Pay It Forward: Emergency Aid? Please assist!

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