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Understanding the DegreeWorks Audit

Understanding the DegreeWorks Audit

What will my audit show me?

Your audit will show the required coursework for your current academic program, the courses you have completed to satisfy requirements, and the courses remaining for graduation.  It also displays notes that an advisor has made and any course substitutions that have been processed.

The degree progress bar (%) doesn’t seem to match up with what I have remaining.

The items used to calculate your progress towards graduation includes more than just courses.  The program is checking that you meet all specific graduation criteria like minimum gpa, residency, exit exams, etc.

How do I know what classes I need to take?

Your audit will outline the courses still needed to meet degree/major, and/or concentration requirements within each specific block.  Use this information to discuss your plan with your faculty advisor.  Change the worksheet in the audit to “registration checklist” (drop down box), click “view”, and it will give a list of courses that are still required for that particular major.

Can I view course information in DegreeWorks?

Yes.  By clicking on a course in your audit you can view the course descriptions including any pre-requisites.  Course schedule information may be viewed from the Roane State website.

What is Catalog Term?

That is the semester you entered Roane State or changed your major.  It is the term/catalog that will be used to evaluate your record for graduation.  For more information, review the degree/certificate requirements from the college catalog.

I’m seeing some strange looking grades on my audit.  What do these mean?

See the key at the bottom of your audit.  Transfer grades have a “T” prior to the actual grade to denote it as a transfer grade.  “IP” means it’s a course you are currently taking or registered for.

There is a course in the “Courses not applicable to this program/major” section that I think might satisfy a requirement.  How do I get that changed?

You will need to contact your faculty advisor to see if the opportunity for a course substitution might be appropriate.

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