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Learning Support
Learning Support
Learning Support


Beginning in the summer of 2015 for ENGL 0891/0892, READ 0891/0892 and fall of 2015 for MATH 0891/0892, these courses will no longer be offered in their current form.  All students needing Learning Support will be required to sign up for one of the new co-requisite versions of Math (MLS), Reading (RLS) or Writing Learning Support (WLS)

If you are currently enrolled in an RLS or WLS course and do not complete the mandatory competencies by the end of spring semester you must enroll into one of the new co-requisite sections of ENGL 0510/1010, or READ 0562 / HUM 262 starting in the summer of 2015.  For RLS and WLS some of the work that was completed in previous semester will carry over. 

If you are currently enrolled in a MLS course and do not complete the mandatory competencies by the end of summer semester you must enroll into one of the new co-requisite sections of MATH 0530/1530 starting in the fall of 2015.  For MLS none of the work completed the previous semesters will carry over. 

One will be able to test out their respective Learning Support course prior to the start of a semester by taking a corresponding diagnostic exam.  Check the appropriate sections on the Learning Support website for more details on how one can test out.

If you have completed all required competencies the changes will not affect you.  You may enroll into any college level course that had a Learning Support prerequisite.

Detailed information about MLS, RLS or WLS can be found on their respective webpages.


What do I need to do to complete a Learning Support class?

Here are five simple steps!

1. Attendance is your key to success. Expect to come to class twice a week and work for 4-5 hours outside of class to pass.
2. Work ahead early and don't get behind. Once you have finished all your work, you can stop attending!
3. Get your Learning Support done early so you can move on to your college classes.  You can finish it all your first semester. Don't delay!
4. Take advantage of our tutors in the Learning Center. If you work with us twice a week, you'll be much more likely to get an A!
5. You cannot drop a Learning Support class without approval. Do not plan on dropping if you fall behind.


MATH 0891, 0892 & 1000 Students (including Web):

Need to take a test? 

Go to the MLS - Open Testing Schedule page and get the details on days, times and locations for testing.  Make sure that you have your Student Organizer completed and that you have a photo ID. 

NOTE: The exams are ONLY available at the locations listed. They are NOT available at any of the other campuses nor through the Testing Center.  The Open Testing Schedule is NOT for the Diagnostic.


RODP Students:  Students enrolled in a RODP version of Math Learning Support must go to a Testing Center for a post-test.




Taking the diagnostic exams for either Math, Reading or Writing Learning Support will allow a student the opportunity to test out of part or all of their Learning Support classes.  Diagnostic is not a mandatory exam, but it is highly recommended.  You must be registered in a Learning Support class to be able to take the diagnostic exam.  The diagnostic is NOT available to students registered in a RODP course.  The diagnostic exam is designed to assess a student’s abilities in the material that is covered within each course.  For details on when to test out of a class simply click on the document link below.

Beginning in the fall of 2015, ALL diagnostic exams will be taken in one of the Testing Centers on either the Roane Co. (main) Campus in Harriman in room T-203 of the Tech Bldg. or on the Oak Ridge Branch Campus in room F-103 of the Coffey Bldg. during specific days and times. 



In order to take a test you must register with the Testing Center first.  If you do not have a reservation when you arrive you will be turned away due to limited space.  For information on how to contact the Testing Center and make a reservation simply click HERE.

Testing begins promply at the times that are posted.  Read the the Testing Centers Rules concerning proper identification and a listing of prohibited items during testing prior to arrival. 


  • No course credit is given for testing out of any portion of MLS or WLS.


Learning Support Labs

Beginning in the Fall semester of 2012, Learning Support will have dedicated labs.  The Roane Co. (main) Campus, on the second floor of the Library Building (L-212), and the Oak Ridge Branch Campus in the Coffey Building with a MLS Lab (F-101/102) and a RLS/WLS Lab (B-112).  Web students enrolled in either MATH 0891, 0892 or 1000 are required to take their exams at one of the MLS Labs during the times listed on the MLS - Open Testing Schedule webpage.  Exams cannot be taken at any of the Testing Centers.

Each lab is comprised of multiple desktop workstations.  Faculty, staff and tutors are available to assist the students during normal hours. For answers to any questions or concerns feel free to contact the Learning Support Lab at

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Contact Information

If you have any questions about Learning Support please contact:

Mike Hill
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(865) 882-4654

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